All Alone In Good Company


There is a point where you accept the loneliness.

You can run, you can hide, but it’s coming for each and every one of us.

No matter the mentors, the support group, the hand-holding.

You will have a bad day, you will be worried, you will experience doubt.

I’ve been fighting back the tears all day today.

I know my parents are concerned, I wonder how friends and other family members feel.

I finally reach this threshold of pain in which all the deferred maintenance is coming to a head.

The neglect was needed to keep me going, the neglect has pilied high and now I’m not sure if I can answer the debt collector.

Don’t worry, we are you.

We are people who found a “side hustle” and gave it a shot.

We are you

Those looking for freedom in a real sense, a good job wasn’t the answer for us.

We are you.

The frustration is with us, we have bags under our eyes, we don’t have Ferraris (yet) we have no financial worries though.

We are you.

I’ve slept on couches, had my pride stripped, found help in the least expected places, gotten commissions when I needed them the most AND ALSO fell short when I needed to breakthrough.

This affiliate marketing stuff is a long-term game. This isn’t about short-term effort, but more about consistency and improvement.

Questions I ask myself when things aren’t progressing

  1. What should I write about? (Use Google Search Console to pinpoint the impressions and link clicks you’re currently getting)
  2. How could I make this better for a REAL person? Include images, video, hell even audio. Make your site fun and quirky if you can get away with it. Write from your voice, don’t just write what you think people want to hear. Add things that make your site more human. Email sign-up, phone number, social links, etc.
  3. What would make me come back for more? Why are people visiting your site in the first place? Have you ever even asked? Maybe your copy is compelling. Your images amazing. The domain name might be catchy. There’s a million reasons why people gravitate towards the sites they do. Go to your history and check out the sites you visit most. Why do you do so (Hopefully not that reason)? Which of those do you go to so often that google just knows after you type in a few characters?

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