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Let’s be honest, when you’re first starting off it can be a painful death by 1000 cuts when payment stands between you and moving forward. Not a complaint, just straight facts. There’s so much out there that makes the Affiliate Marketing Business seem like a “get-rich-quick” opportunity. You know, no money down and just a few simple steps. It’s laughable really, but I definitely saw the opportunity as such before I enrolled in SEO Affiliate Domination. There was a time I really believed that since the tools I needed were cheap or free (domain, wordpress, keywords everywhere, affiliate membership, etc.) that meant that I could get in the game and earn very easily. Huge mistake (read: results not typical) and for some reason ambitious types the world over never want to invest money into the new endeavour. It’s a shame really. It takes one to know, and once I got over the make money from thin air mentality, I finally started to get traction.  

I always prided myself on being smart and hard-working (not to mention good looking lol). So naive we are when getting started in just about any money-making opportunity. I agree it takes a certain amount of hubris, but damn it’s almost as if we assume that the path will be paved in gold for us. Almost as if we have an edge that no other newbie has.

Any of This Sound Familiar

This affiliate thing, just like any other legit business, requires you to earn your victory. Of course there are hacks and tricks that can help you, but even learning those immoral ways of getting sales is something that is learned over time. You’re going to need to accept that you are a beginner, you’re going to need to accept that it takes specific action in order for your efforts to count. Letting that ego die in order to move beyond your current roadblocks really is a thing. And even when you realize this, still you can easily fall victim of the know-it-all mindstate that has you speed through your courses assuming you know the best way to perform the basics. Even though you only learned one way.

Marketer’s Fallacy

These advertisers are where they are because they know what they are doing. Now’s not the time to be smarter than the rest, just understand the playbook and then run the different plays. The problem most of us have is that we want to run plays without first understanding why the play works and what the basics look like. I admit, I’ve got a tendency to run through online courses (assuming that just by getting to the end that means I really understand and can implement) only to then need to go back and slow down in order to make use of the info. The first thing I did on this journey was hire a coach for Shopify in 2017. The coach turned out not to be the most “value-add driven” individual in the world (that’s why you won’t see a link to his course), but I’ll never act like that intro to the game didn’t catapult me. I learned to learn from even the bad courses I took.

There’s this assumption that we can take one course, digest one pill, try one diet, etc. I’ve accepted that this just isn’t the case. We learn through doing, we learn through constant repetition, we learn through exposure. Alex Becker’s course taught me the importance of email marketing, the Story Brand course taught me the importance of creating a brand and positioning it, SEO Affiliate Domination taught me to pay attention to analytics, keywords, and letting the data tell you what to do next. Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me the basics of content creating and aesthetic.

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