Article Forge Review: The Future of Blogging


What is Article Forge?

I stumbled across Article Forge in the members only SEO AD Facebook Group. I was reluctant to try it as I already had an annual membership with Wordai.

Little did i know, I was about to find a missing piece in my process, and finally ramp up my ability to test different keywords thorough building sites specific to that purpose.

Machine Generated Content

I believe the first thing anyone sees when they land on the first page is a video explaining that Article Forge uses machine generated content. For many, that means “bad” content. Or at very least content that Google won’t necessarily like with it’s new E.A.T. core algo update.

Instead of worrying about algo updates constantly, I encourage you to try the tool and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Obviously, it’s not as good as a human writer, but it is definitely good enough to use in order to get a few sites up fast for thorough keyword testing.

More on that in a minute.

How to Use it

After you’ve determined what keyword you’ll use, you can then jump into the “New Article” section and insert the main keyword along with sub-keywords.

article forge
Article Forge Interface

Notice that there is a section for Wordai integrate. That’s because Article Forge and Wordai are owned by the same company. You should definitely consider using them both just like I did.

Once you enter all the info you’ll wait on Article Forge to produce your article. It usually takes less than 5 minutes even when you request a long (750 word) article.

article forge article
The end result

That quick and I now have an article that I can post to test different keywords and determine whether or not it ranks fairly easy, and more imortantly, if it’s worth it.


Check out my full review of Wordai if you really want a thorough breakdown.

Essentially this is the tool that makes an article stretch for multiple uses. Originally, I was keen to find articles that ranked well for keywords I was after and proceed to spin them for my own use. Now that I have Article Forge there is another step in the process, and a legit reason why I have the opportunity to outrank the competition.

Writing better content isn’t just about word count or SEO. In the most efficient way possible, I’m merging authority best practices with efficient article creation to arrive at a point that allows me to create content that is right in-between the hand-written pillar post style I grew to love, and the robotic keyword stuffed trash that the blackhat world can no longer get away with.


I tried Articoolo, I personally wasn’t a fan of the interface.

I went ahead and used it to create an article but was disappointed when I saw that the spinner kept timing out.

Eventually I moved on and decided that Article Forge is the best alternative on my radar for now.

SERP Shaker

One of the biggest game changers and something I’d never come across before taking SEO AD. SERP Shaker is a powerhouse when it comes to building mass page sites. It’s much more capable than Wordai and Article Forge, but it’s important to understand the distinction and the importance of having it as a core component of building test sites.

Pretty Links

My preferred link management tool. Check out the Pretty Links Review here. It’s one of the first premium tools I upgraded to and thought to myself “Wow, this is a gamechanger”. Up until the point of doing so, I was direct linking and my various affiliate dashboards dominated my browser.

83 / 100

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