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Understanding which tools to consider and why is a huge part of succeeding online. I’ve simplified my process and now I’m believing that Article Forge is a long desired tool that I can finally use to take my spinning efforts with WordAi to the next level.

Finding tools that compliment each other is the ultimate goal as you craft a strategy that plays into the leverage that those two or more tools create.

Using Them Together

I got this directly from a Domination Labs video that also suggests a third tool. I’m going to respect the course creator and just say that Article Forge and Wordai are plenty to get started and also the main tools I use personally.

When building your tech stack, it’s so important to keep it simple and build a process that is easy to run time and time again.

Why Use These Tools

Building mass page sites can be tedious to say the least. I speak with my good friend Greg Jeffries about the phenomenon, and he mentions that the steps are known but the doing of each step can be daunting especially as a beginner.

Understanding what your goal is as an SEO affiliate can be found in the SEO AD course. Aside from the necessary tools and strategies, you’ll need to understand the mindset.

I’ve found out quite a bit on my affiliate journey. The most useful has to be my new understanding of the SERP and how to achieve rankings both as an authority and through test sites.

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I wrote a complete review of Wordai and with it realized just how many SEO Affiliate Marketers were unaware of just how essential of a tool it is.

Stretching your content and creating it in a way that Google will recognize is one of the best ways to avoid stagnation as an SEO affiliate.

On the surface, it seems as though every spin rewriter tool is the same. The greatest asset in using WordAi is using it in

I remember when I made my first purchase of WordAi. It was an accident and I just rolled with it anyways. The cost was $300ish and I figured the best thing was to just see how well I could earn using it.

At the time my tech stack was a bit less sophisticated, I relied on writing content myself and that in and of itself was enough to slow just about anyone down.

Soonafter my first attempts at building the way I wanted to, I began writing original content and spinning it to get more uses out of it.

Eventually, my interests began leaning more towards finding better keywords and led to a crossroads to where I was perfecting my keyword research process along with on-page SEO only to eventually neglect writing all together.

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Article Forge

For most SEO affiliates, creating content is a bit of a hassle. I’m lucky because I have a higher tolerance for it, but ultimately in order to scale I knew I’d either have to find a solution in the software I was using, or hire high calibre writers (not cheap). I went the software route and I’ve been able to use Article Forge to build out my test sites and give myself the opportunity to test different keywords before committing to a authority style build.

Next Phase

What I’m slowly realizing is that I need to build authority into my process while never losing steam. It’s difficult to do both. Leaning on my ability to be consistent means working on one type of build at a time. As you can tell (hopefully) this site is all original content designed for value and offering the right SEO signals so the Google Gods bless me.

I’d say that outside of this site my efforts are all about testing and discovery. I actually have a test site that I use to bounce article ideas for this very blog on. Because unless you have a way to build it to test, it’s pretty hard to know for sure.

86 / 100

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