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As you know, I’m up $336.13 on my affiliate marketing efforts as of today. It’s not guaranteed to ever happen again because I sold product rather than a recurring subscription or service.

A slight oversight but still I want to address it so you don’t have to go the route I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Share-A-Sale as a platform, but if I could change anything it would be the nature of what I initially started out selling.

You Don’t Have To

Now that I understand that earning large amounts in affiliate marketing means you need each “yes” to mean a yes several times over. The subscription model is the real winner of today with more affiliates buying the necessary tools than consumers looking for the perfect product. Also, there’s always the Amazon factor. (meaning they can click you link then turn around and purchase the item on Amazon without you getting the credit, or perhaps just a heavily truncated version of the commission).

I feel like a large part of why I’m doing this is to 1) Really understand why I make it once I get there. 2) Keep a community of smart affiliates close that can really push on private affiliate offers I come across over time.

Products are undergoing rapid change as we speak, think about the average modern consumer and the sheer amount of choices they have to make. People don’t always pick the most convenient either, we know that reviews hold more weight than ever. As far as the social aspect is concerned, I’m even aware of my own inclination to read comments while YouTube plays. I find humor in the comments and the unfiltered opinion of the public (as strange as it can be).

Smarter Not Harder

As I move forward with BHT I’ll be a lot more focused on software and the recommended tools for going from $0-$1,000 but the main thing is learning the steps that get us there and then allowing leverage to do its magic.

The big mistake newbies (myself included) make is not taking the time to really track each and every metric to understand their traffic, where it comes from, and what they like (and don’t like).

I’ve had times in which I believed my blog post was perfect and it got crickets. Other times, it seemed to be my worse writing and the engagement was through the roof. It’s not something that is predictable.

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