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When I set out to build this site, I knew that I could summon my creativity to offer a better version of what already exists. I knew that affiliate sites promoting affiliate programs have been around and are very much a staple in the community as a whole.

Step 1

Write opinionated (read: bias) article with high traffic keywords in the title and first paragraph

Step 2

Make about me page and use scenic photo of myself hiking alongside significant other and/or pet

Step 3

Hyperlink the eff outta every nook and cranny, provide users with ugly banner ads that are acceptable forms of lackluster marketing summoning all the latest memes from pop culture of at least 5 years ago (for relevance).


I knew that these articles and videos about the same topic, didn’t need to be packaged in the same way. No offense if you are one of these guys, but really I got to a point where I despise the thirst and was passing judgement pretty quickly. I’d rather commit the cardinal sin of typing directly into the browser a URL that took me to the same site and got me the same access as some lame article with generic affiliate tactics.

What an asshole right? Wrong.

People deserve a better way, there is a better way to refer readers to communities and services. I’m not entirely sure what that is just yet, but the assumption that plain copy and even more boring videos is the way is quickly becoming obsolete.

I’m not even entirely sure if I’m hitting the mark with this blog (my intention isn’t yet matching my execution). But I will be evolving the content and style in order to do more and be more within the space. You have my word.

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