Different Ways to Earn a Commission


So as we all know, one of the most basic ways to earn a commission is through affiliate links. Wealthy Affiliate keeps eluding to it, but I’m genuinely excited to find out what they have in store for the additional training.

Google Adsense

Learning new ways to earn money and all takers are welcome.

I wanted to earn on my site but this first try wasn’t successful. I was rejected from Google Adsense and I think it’s because my traffic isn’t enough yet. I wonder if this is happening to other Wealthy Affiliate members? Maybe I should go into the community and post as I lick my wounds and get charged another $49 due to my curiosity… Seriously though, the dependency angle is strong on WA. They know what they’re doing and play on your emotions more than they teach you the tools to problem solve. SEO AD did this, and that’s why I know the difference.

I will say that the lessons are solid, the content is solid, the DEPTH of the WA program is really lacking though.

You’re told what to do and if you follow it, yes you’ll probably succeed. Can’t take away the basics and what they’ve provided here. These are solid principles in white hat techniques. They’re just not really presented as such.

The issue with this approach is it limits you as a beginner. You’re not encouraged to really dig into research and testing.

So what if you pick a keyword that doesn’t have much popularity behind it? What if Jaaxy isn’t the holy grail of keyword research tools? I mean really, they even limit your use of Jaaxy and require you to pay for additional use at some point.

Different Ways to Earn a Commission

It’s crazy to me that with all the free tools out there to find great keywords and then test the market for relevance, they promote an item that costs as much as the Premium membership.

When I started this affiliate marketing thing just a few months ago (August 2018) I didn’t even know what to search for with my first 30 searches. It took me a long long time to understand how to dig into keyword research and find solid starting points rather than the scarcity mindset they give through Jaaxy.

Really? A limit on searches?

As a beginner this is definitely a no go. You need to try out the research idea and what it’s like to really get solid in that area. The answer isn’t always writing more content, the real answer is writing specific content and testing over and over until you get a sell. Then you go deep.

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