Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work?


Ok so, I’m seeing where this is going. WA wants you to follow the recipe which is mostly writing with a dash of more writing. I’m avoiding it, but at least I went and purchased a domain from Namescheap today. This very one you’re seeing this on now as a matter of fact. But, little did I know they would call my bluff on one of the lessons. Talking about productivity (or lackthereof) along with goal setting. Ah yes, the obligatory goal related lesson. It’s a known fact that working online can cannibalize the most talented when they lack discipline. I’m experiencing it now, this very second. Yep, this blog post is going to be released as part of a larger series that tracks my journey, yet I couldn’t do it in real time because honestly I’m still finding the discipline to write, video, trade, and run Meditation Life day-in-day-out. It’s a lot. They (Kyle) hit me square in the chest when he mentioned “Avoid Being a Multi-Tasker”, Damn. Like Kendrick Lamar levels of Damn. I really found the root of why I have been having a hard time, I pride myself in working hard, that’s not an issue. But everyday focus, that’s another story.

Do more by doing less

This type of quote use to make my stomach churn. I’d have a sly smirk on my face thinking of the weakling that came up with the one-liner. Another underachiever looking for someone to keep them company. This reads: “Just give up already!” to former self. To understand how and why I developed this sick and twisted outlook on work ethic, let’s take a journey back to my childhood.

Hard work culture

I grew up in Lawton, OK small Army town near the border on Oklahoma and Texas, affectionately known as Texhoma. I watched my father put in 12 hour shifts slaving to support the local industry. I mean everyone in the town knows someone or is the guy who works at Goodyear. It was good steady work for anyone looking to make an honest living. I think it rubbed off on me in some ways. I got into work that allowed me to put in absurd hours. My first job required a 12hr shift even. I traded power on the real-time desk at EDF. I kept that feeling that more hours = hard work. Now, don’t get me wrong, having work ethic is very important, but it’s not the only thing.

We all have our stuff

One thing I’ve noticed on my online business journey so far, we all try to find a faster way. We spend time and energy trying to outwork problems, when we’d do much better if we were to outthink them through organization and intention. It’s this hard lesson that many trip on. Literally one of those things most need to experience in order to adjust (takes one to know). We make mountains out of mole hills (as us Southerners say) and then wonder why we aren’t making sales. I know that taking action daily, on the same items allows you to think deeper and really get in the zone. I do this while working out too. Typically a weightlifter, I’ve transitioned my workouts over to endurance related activities. Why? Because I get to work the same mental muscle that so many of us neglect, we get distracted, we give up, sometimes both. I thought about this post while working out. I’ve gotten into this habit of rowing first thing in the morning after I watched the punch to the face that was the 2nd David Goggins interview with Joe Rogan. As I went to go post the hyperlink, I let it play in the background while I type this. No big deal though, it’s good motivation. Wrong. I have 20 tabs open right now. Sound familiar? This is the new normal for me, it’s going to take quite a bit to be a focused affiliate marketing machine we all know we could be. There is a journey, but I guess we all come across our understanding of that in our own way.

Rise and fall, rise and fall, it wasn’t like a straight linear process between you getting inspired and you becoming this bad motherfucker” – Joe Rogan

It takes a combination of things to push us in the right direction. You might be thinking, what does this have to do with affiliate marketing. Well, not a whole bunch, but the mentality is more than necessary on those hard days in which you seem to be distracted and segmented with your output.

Do what you hate “In business there are always going to be tasks that you really don’t love doing.” Wise words. But Kyle, if you’re listening, I did just that. Went from lesson to lesson gathering info and not implementing yet. This mentality that we will go through it once, then come back and implement. It works for me, but it’s hazardous to my productivity nonetheless.

So as I prepare to go to my apartment complex’s Christmas party, I’ll say do that thing you don’t want to do and use it as a compass. Anytime you are avoiding it’s a sign that it’s important that you accomplish it. Then use the momentum you’ve created to smash other goals along the way.

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