Domain woes


So here’s an example of the work that needs to be completed before you do the work that earns money…

A topic I’m passionate about, but I’ll dig into that some other time.

I got on the Namecheap support on live chat and they mentioned that my domain I recently bought isn’t available to transfer (over to Wealthy Affiliate) for the next 60 days!! Kendrick Lamar Damn.

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They offer sites through Wealthy Affiliate, looks like that’s the quicker and more convenient route. I didn’t want to buy through WA because I assumed it might be difficult to wrestle my site away from their registar later. I’m not a lifer, I really just want to experience the course and the knowledge. I doubted that it would take me more than 1 month to complete the course and implement the strategies. But for now, I have a new domain name and will build the same site that would have been going to my trapped domain. BTW I paid $9 for it and WA charges $14 for their domains. Not a bid deal, just a little annoying. I’m here to report the nuances so, here it is. I went ahead and bit the bullet to get the process moving.

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And contrary to my reasoning going in, transfer away from WA shouldn’t be too difficult, that’s what I get for reading bad reviews and trusting them smh.

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