Finding Your Groove


It’s impossible to actually get into flow state if you’re not able to concentrate. In my own journey it’s been the sole factor that has changed my entire experience as a creative, marketer, and entrepreneur. I know that if I can reach this “zone” everyday for just a short period of time I can indeed make dreams manifest. I understand the pushes and pulls as I deal with the same things most of us do. From anxiety to complacency, and everything in between. We enter this lifestyle (trust me it’s that more than it is anything temporary or structured as “business”) not knowing that the byproduct has been presented more than has the actual process. We seek education, therefore we attend school. We seek recognition, therefore we seek trophies. We seek money, so we start in business. What’s missing and continues to lack is definitive activity within the beginning of said process to achieve result. Instead we are told misleading and well-meaning ideas such as “work hard”. This is all too common and I have a very personal vendetta towards it.

The Value of Focus and Concentration

At some point we all believed in juggling more in order to produce more. The most potent of anything comes with focus. I believe in concentration existing as an embodiment of sustained focus. This is what I like to think of as walking meditation. The distinction is pretty evident and the overall feeling of living within it is beyond words. I think the highest value we find exists somewhere outside of our grasp but within us knowing of its existence. This is where value lives, true value. My own dance with this concept has produced some of my best work, outside of myself I’m able to spill thoughts onto the page in a way that benefits those that consume and inspires me to sustain a certain relationship with creativity by means of practicing sustained focused, better known as concentration.

Eliminating Distraction

Finding a schedule that was flexible while also being definite has been a huge help to me. I experimented with ways to balance moments of rest and those of high performance. I love my mornings and I cherish the time to think clearly about my most delicate business strategies. The goal is to do the same group of tasks consistently AND eventually better than you started. I can’t say that I look at my approach as mundane or the lifestyle I’ve come to have as one of habits and structure, but that’s exactly what it is although it doesn’t feel like I’m doing this on a soulless or boring level. Let me explain, the biggest determinant of success has been my willingness to understand what’s next for me. That being the case I go on these vision trips, seeking my next breakthrough, another angle to tie my interests into my work. I’ve had a few pan out, but I’ve had several chess pieces that I haven’t been able to utilize. This is par for the course, we accumulate only to eliminate that which we don’t need even though we might need it in the future. Instead of lugging around the weight of guilt and current uselessness. We cut ties in order to better use the materials at hand currently.


Outside of the outcome our job is to perfect our role. We can’t create amazing businesses and birth innovative ideas without first identifying (vision quest) then applying intention to our tools (focus birthing concentration). In order to set the stage there is indeed a best way to make this automatic for us. That often means creating a dedicated space for the activity. The thought of being able to work from anywhere on a laptop is appealing. But I think many of us get into this not aware of the intense amount of distraction that exists on the laptop (I’m thinking of doing the typewriter thing in order to find yet another angle to reaching flow). In understanding the process of becoming more focused, more concentrated, more intentional with your work you actually reach the results: good work. And, as we all know but don’t want to admit, good work is what produces income online. So, instead of seeking the byproduct, process plays an increasingly important role in our modern society. Society will become more connected through our devices, society will become more distracted, Jordan will learn to understand and implement process for the sake of effectiveness in producing good work. Jordan will earn commissions exponentially through this increasingly rare trait. I hope you will too. This is my journey, I don’t have proof that this works yet. But, I’m certain it will.

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