Focused Drive


Intensity over an extended period of time. The will to do it is leaps and bounds away from the actual execution of it.

Finding the will to succeed as an affiliate marketer is pretty easy. I can click around on YouTube and get what I need from a handful of places. I’ll be bombarded with video ads selling the same thing with different faces and names. I’ll have suggested videos that not only offer similar content, but also have thumbnails that look similar. You know what I’m talking about. Guy looking surprised with cartoon font next to him in some neon color. The formula is tried and true, but I’m done with it. I’m tired really. I knew long ago that this online game would require quality eventually and no one would dig in once they found an initial way to win.

Creativity is less respected but much needed in today’s environment.

I absolutely love putting this blog together and knowing that eventually a breakthrough would occur. I also realized that adding the bells and whistles I really want to are going to come later on. The content is king still, but the opportunity to draw attention through having fun with your marketing is key. I really went back and took a look at my YouTube history recently. I don’t watch a ton of education content with links to click and desperation around subscribership. The most natural and entertaining videos get my attention. Well let me take that back, Evan Carmichael’s channel is business motivation and it’s definitely well put together and marketable. I watch him often, I also frequent Hip-Hop, Car, and Trading videos. That’s my mix really, and within that all versions of those are well put together. When you’re building a blog I think we miss that. We forget to have a good time and be a little ridiculous at times. We don’t need to “act” just enjoy the task at hand and make it worth watching in your niche.

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