Get Gist Review: Live from the Horse’s Mouth

Get Gist Review

I use Gist currently and have for 2 years.


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Why I chose Get Gist

I got a deal on it, my buddy Matthew Donovan mentioned a Black Friday deal they had for lifetime access so I jumped onboard before I even really knew what it was or how I could use it. I didn’t expect to write a Gist Review, but the people at Get Gist reached out asking me if they could help. I was game, I love the product, so I decided I would give it a shotl

I was blown away by the features, even though the actual UX was a bit tricky at times I really wanted to use many of the features so I took the time to figure it out.

I’m glad I did, I proceeded to use everything I learned at SEO Affiliate Domination to build sites that would eventually make me thousands of dollars daily. In the meantime, I added Get Gist to all my sites in order to build email lists and offer a live chat feature that other people in my space just weren’t providing.

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Gist Features

Live Chat

I Gist the live chat is called “Messenger” and it’s one of the core functions. The icon shows up on your site as soon as you install the product. You can change what it looks like and where it shows up. When I added it to this blog and others about a year ago, I noticed that people would actually interact with it and I’d have the opportunity to turn on notifications so that I could answer back in real-time.

Email Marketing

Another core feature are the 3 email marketing functions; broadcast, drip campaigns and behavioral emails. Broadcast and drips are the typical types of email, but the behavioral angle is interesting. You can separate and trigger emails based on actions taken (or not taken by your audience). 

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Marketing Automation

There are two separate automation features, but the highlight is the Visual Workflow builder. Trigger automations based on hundreds of actions/behaviors, create emails directly in the tool, add to (and remove) Facebook custom audiences and a number of cool things to get your funnel looking exactly the way you like.

Help Desk

The live chat feature can also be made a fully functional help desk. Create teams, route incoming emails to the “Conversations” tab and see in-depth reports about how your team is handling the support burden.

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The linear chatbot creator is pretty simple to understand and use. This allows users to create simple bots that can answer basic questions, qualify incoming leads and even schedule appointments.

Meeting Scheduler

This tool connects to your Google calendar and allows you to set hours of availability for different meeting types. Then, send a custom meeting link to your prospects or teammates to get the best time for everyone.

Knowledge Base Creator

For those with complicated processes (either internally or externally), a knowledge base can be a great way to keep all of your data in a single place. Gist’s KB tool automatically creates a searchable database of your articles in more than 40 languages.


Gist offers a ton of different tools, which means fewer direct integrations will be necessary — a good thing. 

That said, the right integrations are still important. Gist has several connections that make a lot of sense, given what the app does.

Facebook (both Messenger and Custom Audiences): All of your incoming FB messages can directly go into the “Conversations” dashboard for you and/or your reps to respond. You can also integrate your FB Custom Audiences and segment visitors/contacts into those audiences for tailored ads.

Twitter DMs: Like Facebook Messenger, your Twitter direct messages will go right into Conversations.

Stripe: Important for Software tools and some ecommerce sites, Stripe can be integrated to perform some really awesome functions. (E.g. You can automatically remind users their payment is about to expire.)

Zoom: Zoom is a video conferencing tool used by sales professionals, remote teams and multi-office brands. Gist allows you to track and use the data gathered from this platform in your marketing efforts.

Zapier: One of the strongest integrations is with Zapier. Gist doesn’t directly connect with any CRM. This is also a tool that many businesses would want. With Zapier, you can send contacts back and forth between your CRM and Gist.

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The Real Gist Review (Comparing Get Gist)

Drift vs. Gist

Drift is one of the larger site/app tools on the market and shares a lot in common with Gist. That said, there are some glaring differences.

For instance, Drift is all-in on chat. They offer email, but it’s largely built upon their chat, not as a stand-alone way to communicate with your audience. Then, there’s the price. Comparing the tools and cost between the tool can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars per month. Not to mention, Drift doesn’t have a dedicated marketing automation tool.

Gist still has a lot of room to improve, but their new interface is clean and rivals Drift. 

ActiveCampaign vs. Gist

ActiveCampaign is perhaps the furthest ahead in terms of in-depth email marketing automation. You can do so much with the platform. If you can think of something you want to be done via email, it’s likely possible with ActiveCampaign.

Gist is getting there and already has the vast majority of functionality you can find at ActiveCampaign. Plus, the learning curve is a bit more manageable with Gist (when compared to ActiveCampaign.

ConvertKit vs. Gist

Ok, so this one is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Actually, it’s like a basket of fruit to a single piece of fruit. ConvertKit is primarily an email tool. They have an automation tool, but it’s not like Gist’s Workflow builder. 

On email, ConvertKit wins. But without live chat, chatbots and a host of other tools, it’s tough to compare.

HubSpot vs. Gist

Tool for tool, Gist and HubSpot are the closest to one another. Of course, HubSpot has been in the game for a much longer time. Their tools are a bit more comprehensive, polished and expensive. HubSpot also has a CRM, where Gist does not. 

HubSpot has its own ecosystem. Chances are that, if you’re using it, you’ll stick with it. This is especially true if you use a marketing team specializing in HubSpot’s marketing style.

88 / 100

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