Google Ads Affiliate Marketing: 0 to 100 The Best Traffic

Google Ads Guide

Surfside PPC has long-time been my favorite YouTube channel for all things Google Ads. So when they put out a tutorial for 2020 I had to share.

If you’ve been considering using Google Ads Affiliate Marketing this is a great opportunity to take a moment and consume a great video, open a separate tab, and follow along as you set-up a long overdue Google Ads Campaign. Don’t worry, you won’t need to make it live. Just get it configured and ready to go.

Use this link to get $150 added to your account once you spend your first $150.

Now there is some masking and facing footwork you’ll need to do in order to run some affiliate offers. The best practice is to use a tracker that will allow you to add your own URL and pass through data.

I highly recommend Voluum for the task.

If you don’t quite have the money for Voluum, I got my training wheels using Google Analytics which is highly underrated in the affiliate community imo. It’s all about using and gathering data that allows you to not only discover targets but also locate the bullseye.

Google Ads Affiliate Marketing ads some context to a situation where you might be mistake for just another business looking to promote through branded search or dominate a product category.

The truth is, many affiliate marketers went for Facebook before they got strict on checking URLs and Ads. This means many people slept on Google and YouTube for a very long time.

Admittedly, the barrier to entry was higher and needed quite a bit of tweaking and it still does. But Google Ads Affiliate Marketing is for those who are up for the task and realize that the benefit of setting it up and testing lies in much more than just profit.

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Affiliate Links and Google Ads

We’re all about SEO here, but I can’t but imagine what it could be like to add remarketing into the mix. It’s something worth considering once you dial in the free traffic you’ll be generating because you have a chance to get a jump start due to 2 words – conversion data.

Google Ads Affiliate Marketing is all about data. It’s literally the best way to supercharge the entire feedback loop and simultaneously expand your long-tail keyword list.

I use SEM Rush and plan to grab Ahrefs account access soonish, but the

Using Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing

It’s intimidating. I get it.

Get started anyway. You don’t have to run a single dollar until you’re comfortable with a couple conversions you’ve made. For me, I’ve barely reached the $1,000 club at this point (3/28/20), but I can admit that remarketing is the next step in my own development.

What that means for you is you’ll get to hear about it in real-time, the good and the bad as I push to scale conversions and relevant keywords.

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve progressed thus far is that creating better content is the biggest difficulty you’ll face in this game.

Niche research and keyword analysis are two sides of the same coin. As you build out an authority blog you’ll want a system that allows you to not only discover your next targets, but also discontinue or substitute posts that aren’t doing as well as you’d imagined.

I’ve identified Google Ads as a way to not only build audiences, but also gain insight (Keyword Planner) and process to the scalling puzzle as I was trying to unravel it using 100% SEO. The truth is, I’m not that good at SEO yet to where I want to lean on it entirely. I do feel that if I can master remarketing it does a few things for me in the communities I’m a part of. It allows me to have something different to talk about with my peers. It gives me an opportunity to collaborate, and it also gives me a chance to tie my client work to my affiliate work.

I won’t be doing much of this because I’ll be using Voluum for the postback feature. I’m spoiled now a want the full picture even though I don’t quite know how to use every piece of it just yet. For myself, and hopefully others that focus on data-driven marketing, this is where I shine further and brighter in the next couple years. Google Ads Affiliate Marketing is going to challenge you to know better when to direct link and when not to. To be honest, I don’t even want to use any platform or link outside of my Voluum account because I get a chance to truly understand the big picture that way.

Clickbank Google Ads

There are a few different schools of thought around affiliate traffic. The paid guys preach networks like Clickbank because the products are fairly easy to understand and some of the biggest names in the business make millions every time a new marquee product is launched.

I’ll admit I stayed away from this game initially because it felt a bit intimidating. But now that I have 2yrs as an affiliate under my belt, I feel like I can navigate Clickbank a bit better and get the results I’m really looking for.

I made my first affiliate marketing sale on Shareasale so I’m forever bias.

I will say that I prefer the modernized layout over Clickbanks. Does that mean that the offers are better or worse? I doubt it.

88 / 100

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