Google Ads: The 10/10 Perfect Guide

Google Ads Guide

Campaign Types

In the topic of online advertising, Google Ads provides a service that allows people to pay to display brief advertisements, video content, product listings, service offerings and reveals mobile applications that may lead them to be installed. This is going to be an all inclusive account of what Google Ads is at a rudimentary level. If you want to specifically know Google Ads Affiliate Marketing check out this post.

Since the year 2000 Google Ads has grown to new height and is always improving. There are many options when it comes to marketing your business and generating leads with google ads. using tools within the platform to optimize your ads to its fullest potential. You will find various ways to use A/B split testing, keeping on track with your goals and recording your conversions.

In the field of digital marketing Google ads can be your right hand to showing the world how great your product or service really is.

Being proficient at using Google Ads you must understand the Campaign Types. There are Five options when it comes to choosing how to display your content to Google users.

  • Search Network 
  • Display Network
  • Video Ads 
  • Shopping Ads
  • Google Universal Ads 

 The Search Network provides people the ability to present their brand to the market using ads that appear at the top of the search results or on the side bar of Google’s search engine (as seen below).

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Here you will put to use your keywords found in the google ads planner for keyword research. Within the ads you will be able to set up goals that will guide your efforts to reach goals you may have when using this product. weather it is to drive sales, generate leads, get more website traffic, create more brand awareness or promote an app.

The Display Network uses a group of over two million websites videos and apps where your ads can appear. Have you ever seen an ad that looks a bit random as to why it’s on the page you’re looking at or a popup ad on the side of the article you’re reading.

This is a display ad you are seeing and it reaches over 90% of Internet users worldwide.

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Video Ads are just like how they sound. These are just ads people use on platforms like YouTube. There I’m sure you have seen these ads pop up in the middle of whatever you are watching.

The cool thing about these ads is that if the person watching these ads don’t watch the video all the way through or click on your link you will not have to pay for that person who saw your ad.

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Shopping ads are used for people in the business of e-commerce/ online sales. There you can display a photo of the item you are selling and will be able to show the price and small description of what you have to offer. 

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Last but not least, Google Universal Apps will give you the advantage of having exclusive ad placements on platforms.

This campaign type uses machine learning as a tool to show your ads to only relevant groups, and ensure conversions by comparing over 2 million users and sorting through them to find your Niche group of users to see your products. It takes the Wheel somewhat as to finding your potential buyers in the market. 

Negative Keywords 

As I have said, When creating a Google ad you must have negative keywords. If you do not have these you may be subject to spending more on advertisement than what is necessary. Think of Negative keywords as a defense system keeping away people who aren’t in your market.

Negative keywords keep you on track so that you meet budget but also create a high level of conversions, meeting goals set and weeding out engagements that would lead to be futile.

This closes the window to narrow results so that people with the intention to do business with you or get a product they feel is needed or very useful they will be drawn to your site. This leads to more happy customers and better results of being relevant. 

To find what keyword you may want to use, within the Google ads Interface you will find “ The Keyword Planner”. This will give you the advantage of finding out how often people search terms and how many search them on average during the month. Also this will show you the competitiveness of each keyword(s) and approximately how much you will have to bid for each ad. 

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This tool proves to be very easy to interpret and will be vital when planning out what keywords you can use in your A/B split testing. When you run multiple ads on the same topic and note which ads do better than others for a better chance at high performance ads.

There are different types of keywords you can create. First there are broad match keywords, which show the widest audience possible. In fact this is too wide as this leads to you getting people viewing your ads that may not be searching for anything that you are sellings.

Personally I have seen campaigns that have used broad match and it goes completely wrong. This is a great example of how broad match can ruin your intent in a campaign.

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See the problem?

If you were trying to generate leads for people to come to your restaurant using the terms Restaurant  Edmonton, broad match would allow people to see your ads for edmonton restaurant, restaurant FOR SALE  in edmonton and restaurant SUPPLY  edmonton.

Therefore you will get clicks from people who are looking to buy a business and looking for a supply chain, which would be a failed conversion and wasted money in your Google Ads Campaign. 

Then using quotation marks around the words you want to use in your keywords “Like so”, this is called phrase match. This can be useful at times depending on the subject. You may not use any extra words between the keywords. 

Exact match uses brackets around your keywords [Like so]. Your ads only will appear if the search means the same thing as your keyword. It may include close variations of your keyword like misspellings plurals and synonyms.

There can not be extra words before or after the search terms. e.i [men’s bicycles] = men’s bicycles, men’s bikes, not bikes for sale. Which still narrows down the pool of people you get to your ads limited. 

You may ask “ so what is the best way to set up my keywords’ ‘ in my opinion it would be broad match modified. This is when you use + in between each keyword that you use.

Which will leave you with a wide audience but still narrow and direct. This is a golden way to use keywords in most cases and can prove to be very valuable.

Here is a picture with examples of all the ways to use keywords.

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Gmail Ads

Gmail ads are promotional ads that appear at the top of your Gmail inbox. These can be identified by the yellow square ad boxes to show these are not actual emails. These ads like any other will lead you to a businesses service or product. You can find how to create these ads in the display campaigns. 


When Creating Google ads, you must keep in mind what is called a “Google Quality Score” . This Score is to ensure only optimal ads are shown,  ultimately having a greater conversions rate and more happy customers/clients.

Google Quality Score is based off of three main components, Ad relevance;being specific in your writing, Landing page experience;sending traffic to the right landing pages, making the site transparent and trustworthy and Expected click through rate which is experimenting with different calls to action, highlighting the uniqueness or benefit of your product or service.

Ad extensions can be the difference between you being the top ad in search results or the bottom. It is recommended that you use at least three ad extensions when creating a Google Ad.

Remember, as a digital marketer your number one job is to capture leads. 

Using Ads you could also use what is called a squeeze page. These are designed to capture leads so you get people’s information or they have a choice to leave the site.

Your Ads and or Website must have the ability to create leads, signups, and sales. 

According to on average a person needs to see or hear about your promotion 7 times before they buy into your product or service.

You must understand that unless it is absolutely necessary for them to buy you or your product they will first have to cancel what they like to call the “noise”. 

Getting rid of all the junk products or services they come in contact with. This is why it is so important for you to convey an honest and trustworthy site and or product.

Make it apparent to the consumer that they need what you are selling today and be sure in your writing you have great confidence in what you sell or the service you provide. 

To make it easier on yourself learn and use your own product. If you can not do that. be in close enough contact with it that you know how it works and the pros to it.

This will give you great ideas as to what to put in your writing and you can be secure in knowing what your saying is 100% right.

Google ads uses an auction system to rank the ads that appear on the search results [age. That will determine the cost for each ad click. This is where “Ad Rank” comes into play.

Ad rank= average cost per click x your quality score.

When having a campaign the position of the ad depends on the position of each keyword included in the ad. Your Ad Rank determines your ad position and whether your ads are eligible to show at all. Your Google quality score is based off your expected click through rate, ad landing page experience, and ad relevance. The higher quality your ads are the lower the CPC will be. You can find your quality score in the modify colum in Google Ads.

Second price auction will take into account everyone bidding so you don’t have to always pay your max spend on a click. For example, if your max spend for an ad is 4$ and the next guy below you is 3$ then you will only have to pay 3.01$  per bid.

Observation & Targeting

In Google Ads they have constructed a tool that gives you the ability to increase the campaigns performance. This is called the Google optimization score and is found on the recommendation page. This tool estimates how well your search campaigns are optimized.

Measured on a scale 0% to 100% it will give you a list of recommendations that will help to increase performance of your ads. The tool can  send up to 50 recommendations, this uses algorithms that look at statistics, settings and industry trends.

The Performance planner goes hand and hand with optimization score. It helps plan out your budget, informs you of seasonal opportunities, set optimal bids and budgets that will help to ensure ROI is maxed.

It uses machine learning to reveal the possibilities for ads campaigns. You can forecast monthly, quarterly and annual budgets.

The performance planner can drive more conversions, maintain current CPA. To make sure it is working to its best abilities 

  • create separate plans for each marketing objective. 
  • Set bids and budgets using non-last click conversions.
  • Regularly check your plan.

Bidding Strategies

There are a few ways of approaching bidding strategies when trying to build the most relevant customer base. Using the various bidding strategies will provide different impressions on your audience. When choosing a bid strategy you must first consider what goals you are trying to meet. If you are looking for the consumer to get on your site use conversion tracking in Google Ads.

This free tool in your account measures how clicks on your ads lead to meaningful actions. This means it will show you information about the sales and leads that you have. 

Target cost per action (CPA) will give you the ability to optimize for conversions. Furthermore, this bid strategy will allow you to have as many conversions as possible at or below the target cost-per-action you set. This tool uses machine learning to optimize your bids and is focused on the best results possible for each individual bid strategy. The machine learning will use historical data about your campaign and evaluate the contextual signals presented at auction time.

Target return on ad spend (ROAS) is set so that you have a high conversion value. This bid strategy will help with ensuring specific return on ad spend. This bid strategy is available as either a standard strategy to use on a single campaign or a portfolio strategy to be used across multiple campaigns.

Maximize conversions is used for the purpose of having optimal conversions ironically. This uses machine learning to automate bids and offer auction time bidding capabilities, that are specific to each and every bid at every auction. Maximize conversion value is somewhat similar in fact this to also is targeted to maximize conversions. Using advanced machine learning to optimize and set your bids.

Enhanced cost per click will allow you to automatically adjust your bids manually in the effort to maximize conversions. ECPC will try to keep your average CPC below the max CPC you set. For display and search campaigns ECPC will try to keep you within budget and increase conversions. You will still be able to use manual bids for clicks that will lead to sales on your website. 

You may instead of focusing on conversions, will focus on clicks. Maximize clicks is an automated bid strategy that uses the simplest ways to bid for clicks. You will have to just set your daily budget and Google Ads will handle the rest. If you want to be more in charge of your ad spend you may use manual CPC bidding.

I recommend as a digital marketer that you use this to be fully in control of your ad spend. You can set different bids to each ad group or for individual keywords or placements. If there are certain keywords found to be more profitable, you can use manual bidding to allocate more of your advertising budget.

Another angle to focus on would be with impressions, although it doesn’t make sense for most budgets. These include Target Search Page Location, Target Outranking Share, CPM and vCPM. Lastly you can focus on your views or interactions. This is commonly used for ads that use video.

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