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So you’ve found this thing called content marketing and you want to give it a go. Maybe you’ve heard of SEO for affiliate marketing and now you want to learn more about organic traffic.

One of the first things you’ll want to do after setting up all the technical pieces is to understand how to decrease your google search console average position. The game is won there alone. This post is going to explore the process of creating content strategically so that you have a good chance at indexing favorably and getting traction.

I feel very confident that I am “beginner” enough to write this, and have earned enough traffic to know that I’m doing the right thing.

Feel free to skip to use this as more of a guide and skip to the section you need with the ToC below:

Initial Set-up

A huge part of the benefit of SEO Affiliate Domination was the technical aspect of setting up WordPress.

From a domain idea generator to the first commission generated, I feel as though the ability to understand and accomplish that alone was a huge burden off my chest initially.

Like anything else new, the small hurdles can demotivate you after a while and you lose steam and vigor to see your new project through.

Setting up Google Search Console isn’t easy, but it is very easy once you get the hang of it and how it works.


I spend the majority of my time here. I’m able to quickly compare time periods and lookup queries along with their associated pages.

This essentially offers you real-time insight into which keyword phrases are getting traction for your blog and where your current ranking is for said keyword phrase.

Ultimately, this is how I’ve learned which pages I continue to maintain, and which topics I should create more content around.

This reason alone makes me feel as though using Google Search Console as an Affiliate Marketer is a no-brainer.


Submitting your website so it can be indexed.

This was everything for me as an early win. I was creating all this mass page site content and wondering if it would ever get traction.

I eventually got everything created and submitted and pressed forward with the next task on this journey.

This world was new to me 3yrs ago. I really had no clue how or why it worked, but the benefit of launching several test sites per SEO Affiliate Domination’s recommendation, I was able to apply what I was learning and eventually the mechanics of setting up fell into place.

Practice still makes perfect in 2020.

URL Inspection

After making changes to a specific page, you can easily resubmit to Google in order to (seemingly) speed up the review process.

I’m not sure how viable this approach is, but I can say that I was obsessed with this feature at one point. This whole game has been that way for me. Your favorite tools will always have a special place in your heart, you’ll eventually learn when to use what.

Authority Blogging

The biggest difference that I found was the distinction between mass page sites that I’m grateful to have learned through SEO AD. It was foundational information and set the tone for how I would approach research and use data moving forward.

If mass page, or what I call test sites, are all about throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Authority blogging is all about precision, purpose, and hitting the bullseye with as few tries as possible.

authority blogging blue highlighted text - How to Rank: Google Search Console Average Position

In this case it doesn’t make for much of a party trick.

You will, however, get really good at understanding what factors matter when you create your next site from scratch.

It’s weird but through making a few mass page sites you get plenty of practice dealing with the technical aspects of blogging.

From hosting, servers, to WP themes, you’ll get your fair share of it all. Eventually, that will be child’s play and you’ll get to a point where you want to build articles intelligently.

For me, the big leap happened after about month 5 when I had the majority of my sales coming through a keyword tied to a radio host that I’d come across and said “what the hell, why not?”

I then went on to test his name and my niche extensively and got a ton more sales. Literally the best path forward after this victory would have been a site like www productsrecommendedbyradiopersonalities com. That didn’t happen then, but looking back I now understand the next step to take all because I have a firm grasp on the power of authority blogging now.


Going back to the previous example

www productsrecommendedbyradiopersonalities com

Obviously the domain name is too long and I would want to come up with something more catchy. If you don’t consider yourself particularly creative you can consider buying an expired domain for less than $100.

The idea should focus more on making a brand name, a logo, an actual presence that you can potentially sell someday.

This is what makes authority blogging worth it in my opinion.

Average Position

No different than just about anything worth doing, you want to get yourself in to the best possible position in order for your odds of winning to increase. In the affiliate marketing world that means using paid means to reach your target audience or using organic strategies to show people an offer once you have their permission.

Obviously, we’re all about the later and believe in using paid only in certain situations.

If my average position in Google is #1 then that means I am dominating. I’m the first organic listing users see. Hell, most users skip the ads section because they know that the information isn’t necessarily the best, just the most marketing dollars.

Using Google Search Console average position allows you to see where you are ranking organically for the keyword or keyword phrase you are going after. Even better it’s tied to the actual search query, which can be an even better indication of how well you are doing at attracting the visitors you’re after.

Search Queries

People search things on Google.

Gold Star, you get it!

Jokes aside, people don’t think to spell correctly or have proper grammar when they are looking for info on the internet. They misuse terms, they misspell the simpelist of words.

It’s all because Google is smart enough to know where to direct traffic and you’ve got to be smart enough to be in the right place at the right time.

One of my favorite things about GSC is that they will give you search queries that people used to get to your site. From something as simple as “Lularoe Scam” something I watched a Vice News mini-doc on the infamous MLM.

This is relevant I promise

The crazy part is, I was inspired to write an article about LuLaRoe after watching the doc. I was hoping to offer a legit alternative to the same types that would want to join LuLaRoe. and little did I know, I could dominate the keyword after a few months of it ranking on this very site.

I would have never known had I not consulted with GSC every week to just get a feel for what people were finding my site.

What is Good?

People get stuck here.

You’re looking for a “good” version of something.

I hate to be the bearer of truth but…

You’re needing that reassurance so that you can neglect it essentially.

What is a good CTR in Google Search Console comes down to relevance mostly. If you have rankings on the top 10 and you’re getting a CTR about 5% I’d venture to say that’s pretty good.

But if you aren’t even ranking on the first page, you probably aren’t getting many impressions or CTR.

The best idea is to focus on mastering your research process and understanding what “good” is so that you can find “great”.

I’m still working on my keyword research process, but I feel that I’ve improved tremendously over the past 3 months. I use a mash-up of the version Project 24 teaches and the Money Robot tool that SEO AD suggests.

What are Impressions vs. Clicks?

Impressions mean you’re in the game.

Clicks mean you’re scoring.

You need both and you want them to count.

They tend to have a cause and effect relationship as you can imagine, so your primary function is really to just put in the research, then do it again, and again, so that you can be sure that the impressions you’re aiming for are worth it in the first place.

Sitemaps for Affiliate Marketers

Sitemaps can be a bit tricky, I got the hang of it from repetition (building mass page sites). The cool thing is that you can look at sitemaps as a representative for your website.

Anytime you need to get Google’s attention you can always add to your Sitemap.

You get to present yourself in an organized fashioned and request to be indexed.

Google then will crawl your site and begin to put you where you belong (1st page please) and you’ll officially be entering yourself into the game (impressions).

78 / 100

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