How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing: Learning Real Research


One of the most important pieces of the blog game has to our ability to research effectively. I’ve used SEM rush, Money Robot, and Although the in-house service Jaaxy seems solid and is claimed to be created by an affiliate marketer. I’m not for or against, I’m here to give my experience using each and point you in the best possible direction when it comes to what is coming to be my most vital piece in positioning myself effectively.


Like most affiliates, there is a desire to get into the game and try to make your first buck immediately. And let’s face it, you buy the course hoping it leads to a quick process which ultimately leads to you making a commission. It really is that simple, but there’s one caveat. The positioning process is an art, you will need to master and tweak in order to truly reach a level of understanding that provides a steady and predictable outcome.

30,000 foot view

Using the testing method introduced in SEO Affiliate Domination is the very first step in the research process. I’ve learned to value starting points like these and hold them close. The issue with starting as an affiliate, or any beginning for that matter, is one of confusion related to what action to take. This is super counterintuitive as we have so much energy and passion to use before getting stuck in a holding pattern. This is fatal for many who begin just about anything. They stagnate due to lack of confidence in the next step. I’ve been there so many times, in so many endeavors that I’m finally starting to understand what finding a patch forward looks like.

A delicate art really, but one worthy of mastering.

There is as much work as you want there to be in research.

Your marketing will ultimately be a product of your research, and your marketing effectiveness is at stake.

There are several elements to consider


-Imagery (visual content)


-Free offers


-Lead magnets



-Industry norms (so you can standout yet be somewhat familiar)

I’ve dug into this personally and realize how potent this can be. Others aren’t as willing to put in the detail to attention, the real work. This is what separates the men from the boys.

Yes – You should dig in and find keywords to build your content around. But there is another layer. There is an even deeper place you can write your content from. There is an understanding that could spark loyal readership. What if people came back to your blog after finding it initially on a google search? What if they bookmarked it for later? What if you had buyers who bought multiple products from your site because they read it regularly?

We’re all multifaceted and therefore you might not have interests that all “match” your more obvious interests. But, this is partially why Amazon and Wal-Mart work so well isn’t it. They provide a central place for people to go and shop for just about anything. We can easily sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate program and start testing the niches we actually care about. Write with intention, but first, dig in and understand the lay of the land.

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