I Made My First Sale Of Mind Lab Pro (Nootropic)

I Made My First Sale Of Mind Lab Pro (Nootropic)

I’m super excited about this, at the time of writing this (March 2019) my running balance is now $394.63!

It feels great to make money on a physical product, especially as it’s a (potential) recurring payment.

I mentioned that I wish I would have started with a recurring focus for my affiliate business in this post. But, being that I started on the physical product side and was an affiliate marketing beginner, I was looking for profit any way I could make it!

The next move for me became one of really understanding that if I can build my following with a loyal user base rather than a huge one I could definitely earn a living and not run expensive paid traffic or feel like a sell-out promoting any and everything I can get my hands on.

In this post I’ll tell you about my experience promoting a nootropic I used and later found out there was an affiliate program for.

Peace of Mind

For me, this idea of building a business around recommending ONLY what I’ve actually used and then writing what I’ve experienced without bias or favoritism led to an even bigger theory of natural approaches to entrepreneurship as a whole. You can read more about that here.

Obviously, there’s an evolution that happens when you are learning this affiliate marketing stuff, you can get better, but you can also approach an effortlessness.

Mind Lab Pro Is My Personal Favorite

I did a test over the course of 3 weeks in which I took a few different nootropics in order to really find one that I thought was the best and that I could, therefore, promote and/or develop my own someday.

I’ve had bouts with caffeine addiction, and even though there are a million worse substances one could be addicted to, I really felt a way about this in particular.

I’ve been a very hard worker since my college days. And anyone that knows me, knows that I love my Red Bull, Monster, NOS, etc. pretty much any all the energy drinks.

I’ve been desperate to find an alternative, and that’s when I came across nootropics I dug in.

The first I ordered with Optimind which has a good amount of caffeine and didn’t really leave me impressed. Fast-forward, and I take Modafinil at my last trading gig and saw the night and day difference.

Experimenting with Nootropics

Unfortunately the modafinil I took wasn’t from a source I trusted or could count on (former co-woker). Plus I noticed that it didn’t seem to work when taken daily. So, I went online and read some reviews and decided that I’d try a few different nootropics in search of one that was perfect for me and could replace my energy drink and coffee addiction.

Mind Lab Pro was the cleanest and I’ll always go that route even though it’s more expensive than others, it’s worth it for me.

Focus and Cognitive Performance

I’ll be talking a lot more about focus and cognitive performance in coming posts. I’m not sure if Mind Lab Pro is the only supplement to take, I will be experimenting with other supplements to add to a stack and see which works best. The result of the experiment So yea, BHT is going to be heavy on that side of the spectrum, hell even the community is for beginners. I’m not perfect, or rich, or the most qualified. But, I will offer what I know and do it in a way that lets you know that I really vouch for the product.

Here’s to making money during the journey and feeling good about it.


Big shoutout to Ryan Lee formerly with Freedym for making me realize that I can really just be me and only promote what I actually believe in.

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