Peace, I’m Out: Done with Wealthy Affiliate


So I’ve been avoiding posting in the WA blog. I don’t really want to socialize with other members tbh. Hell, I barely want to interact with visitors to my blog. I stopped writing this post to install a chat bot for those who might want to reach out and connect. I think there is indeed a version of the internet in which you can run your business smoothly with little to no interaction with the visitors to your site. I don’t believe that starting out you will have much of a choice and likely will need to be able to build a knowledge base that can one day be handed off to a well-programmed chat bot. Until then, you are in a similar boat as I. You’ll need to learn to interact with potential customers in a way that allows you to break through and really begin make effortless connections to those interested. I remember when I started my ecom business Meditation Life and was selling on Etsy. I would receive a few direct messages asking specific questions and even some basically asking for a discount of some sort. I remember addressing one question regarding being able to fit into the seat at 6’2” another was asking for a discount, I gave the customer $20 off and that sealed a $400 purchase. For me, it makes sense to have an easy way for potential customers to reach you. Those same people gave rave reviews for me which I’m sure helped me gain more sales and cut down on doubt (i.e. silly questions) due to social proof.

Making Friends

I’m more of the introverted type on and offline so for me to have come into this game because of someone I met means a ton. Greg Jefferies really is a solid guy and we hit it off quickly due to a mutual respect for each other’s skillset. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is they definitely scale back the intimidation factor and allow you to get into a social circle and ask the most basic of questions you’d ever wish to. SEO AD definitely attracts a more experienced community and therefore I remember going into the situation knowing that I had a ton to learn and was instantly a sponge for the Facebook Group and Training calls I was a part of. This goes back to knowing yourself and what would work well for you. I believe that my success in getting multiple sites set-up and sales rolling in 90 days had a ton to do with being motivated to implement new information time and time again. It was like each interaction I’d have within the community yielded results or an insight of some sort. I don’t mind being the lowest man on the totem pole, especially when the more experienced members are able to show and prove that the strategies work.

Accepting a Start

There is a learned skill of being able to begin things promptly and with sustained enthusiasm. The problem that many have is in just getting started in the face of uncertainty. Dealing with it, not avoiding the difficult, but actually dealing with it, is an art. I recently read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield and it really hit the nail on the head. I knew right then and there that this blog was much bigger than just a way to make money. The entire approach plays into what I was attempting to showcase in my first book. It plays into everything I stand for and really is a part of my reason I believe I’m here on the planet. I know that writing will open doors for me that other talents or learned skills just won’t be able to. I know that all these hours I’ve logged creating posts and content that ultimately spotlights my writing aren’t for no reason. I guess what I’m saying is I respect this opportunity and thank God that I’ve been able to finally accept the work I have cut out for me. It really is a relief to have understood what’s at stake and accept the challenge of staying on track while life pulls you every way imaginable.

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