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I recently bought Link Whisper after following Spencer Haws for the past year or so. His site Niche Pursuits has proven very helpful in my journey, I’m looking to actually build BHT in a similar fashion.

In following him I came across his latest software Link Whisper. I didn’t really think much of it being that my initial impression was that it was a internal linking tool and I didn’t really need it because I was manually doing the job.

What I would find out is that Pretty Links had a serious contender.

Let’s take a close look at each tool and what I’ll be using each for in the coming months as I take Blue Highlighted Text to new heights.

What are we Comparing?

Great question.

One of the biggest scams in IM is software that either doesn’t perform or has too many useless features without any clear intention.

In the case of Pretty Links and Link Whisper I will say that they do have some overlap in terms of automating the internal linking functions, but how they accomplish this is quite different (as it should be).

Pretty Links is more of a link management tool. Yes you have the benefits around making branded links and also gaining insight into which links are getting clicked and when. This alone is a big reason why Pretty Links is still a personal favorite, but then theres the extra features that just go over most user’s heads that are more specific to affiliate marketing.

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Screen Shot 2020 12 08 at 10.53.38 PM 1024x396 - Link Whisper vs Pretty Links
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Pretty Links Extra Features

The images above are examples of different extra settings you get when using Pretty Links.

It’s the ability to control redirects, parameters, head scripts, expiration, and even the Keywords that you want to target with certain branded links that makes this tool super handy.

But, none of that addresses internal linking the way Link Whisper blatantly does, even though Pretty Links could do the job it would be cleaner to do it manually to be honest.

What is a ‘Branded Link’

It’s a link that starts with your company url. e.g.

Link Whisper

I’ve grown to be a huge fan of not only Link Whisper but also Spencer Haws and the value he’s bringing to the affiliate blogger space through his YouTube Channel and blog Niche Pursuits.

This tool has become a natural fit into my blogging process no different than what I experienced through Pretty Links and Thrive Themes when I first discovered them and began implementing.

The best part, is that you add these tools with an intent of using them to better achieve your goal of blogging successfully. I know for a fact that my skillset is increasing with each month that I blog from my experience as an affiliate and that eventually I will earn income from a very natural authoritative stance.

Pretty Links

check out the pretty links review for the full story, but if you don’t have time to witness the power of Pretty Links and why it’s my go to you should know that branded links with transparency into clicks and frequency became one of my biggest motivating factors when I first began this journey.

It led to a very thorough link tracking that allowed me to truly understand the value of conversion tracking for affiliate marketing and that led me to an entirely new path as a consultant and later employee.

88 / 100

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