Live Chat for Affiliate Marketing


Treated like an expedited email marketing campaign, live chat for affiliate marketing is a possibility worth exploring.

One of the reasons I ultimately decided with adding a live chat to my site was for greater authority and session times. Additionally, I bought Get Gist back before it was rebranded and it went by ConvertFox. I found a deal and was able to buy a lifetime access license. Like many of you, I’m a huge fan of that idea of getting huge value when I invest in a tool.

Install it With This Walkthrough Video Below:

Live Chat for Affiliate Marketing

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Big difference between the two

Before I go any further, I want to be sure to pinpoint something that I got confused for quite a long time.

In this idea of Live Chat for Affiliate Marketing I’m not talking about using a chatbot. I’m strickly talking about using a live chat which means it’s not solely automated responses. The focus is on bringing an interactive, dynamic, and personal touch to a space that is notorious for lacking that connection. I’ve been recommending Get Gist, if you’re not ready to commit you can check out there review here.

Why Live Chat?

I’ve been learning a ton about what makes an affiliate successful and I’m convinced that the affiliate marketing value chain can tell you a ton if you let it.

Finding a niche and then understanding what is weak and/or missing within that niche is an art.

One of the biggest faults of this who blogging for traffic idea is that many people loath the very thing that will allow them to master the process and ultimately get the results. After all, money is a byproduct.

We all do it though, we forget that our mission is to drive traffic from real visitors, with real interests and motives. There are too many people obsessed with monetizing their site, and too little that don’t want to take the time to understand why a strategy works, let alone tweak it to optimize the results.

As some of you know, I’m. always running experiments. This very blog is a product of the philosophy behind Project Newsense. An experiment, not a “business opportunity”. I’ve found that genuine curiosity is the path that leads you to finding and knowing the difference between doing a great job and doing enough to get by. The interesting thing about pursuits in which money is earned through how well you perform is that it seems the top performers don’t consider the shortcuts at all.

The Difference

This whole laptop lifestyle idea is an interesting fad. It’s that type of focus on the end goal that actually will keep many from performing at the level they need to reach.

Here’s an older video that I got from Neil Patel (P.S. check out his tool Ubersuggest it’s one of my favorites.)

So, did you notice how heavy this video was on the process? I love that about his work, he covers SEO and blogging from a much deeper standpoint than most beginners think to reach. It’s all about discovering depth and then pushing oneself to have the courage to dive in.

In this instance, Neil is speaking on understanding how to write for authority mainly and that means research and doing the work to find individuals to email and ask for backlinks from (if you’re going the cold email route I highly recommend MailShake).

For me, finding the info was a lot different than applying it. Really it was Income School’s course Project 24 that really solidified the need to build a solid authority site. Up until that point, I was using this blog like a journal of sorts only. Not that it was a bad idea, but my game leveled up and I started to approach my blog posts as much more important individually than I had previously seen them.

This video sums up what you learn in Project24

As you’ll notice, they don’t blatantly mention live chat for affiliate marketing, but they do elude to building better content and doing the work to keep momentum as high as possible.

89 / 100

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