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So I’m always looking for tips on marketing and blogging naturally.

I follow Neil Patel, John Crestani, and Alex Becker pretty closely.

I don’t really take every offer I come across and realize that making money over the long-term is the goal.

We know of MLM horror stories and the LuLaRoe Scam. It’s not some product or network that will come save the day. It’s skill and dedication that ultimately allows us to make money as affiliate marketers.

Even in knowing that, there will always be those biz ops that aim specifically at noobs and take advantage of their ambitions.

Videos like this one really concern me. There are a ton of Mommy bloggers who just want better for their family, and my heart goes out to them. I do believe that creating a niche site and providing quality content is the way to go in a world that continues to search for not only the best products, but recommendations from sources they trust.

MLMs Work, But The Odds Are Against You

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I don’t want to bash all MLMs or Network Marketing programs.

I do want to offer some insight into the truth behind the probabilities associated though.

Obviously, the odds are stacked against you succeeding in a program that has limited support and a low barrier (cost) to entry. However, the big difference between an MLM working or not isn’t your work ethic or your skills. The part of MLM I’d like you to consider heavily is the timing of your entry into that program.

We know how this story goes, typically it’s the founding members that have the strong “downline” and reap the benefits of being at the right place at the right time. This isn’t something that you can easily control and therefore not something worth fretting over.

If you consider your alternative of blogging for profit, I strongly believe that your opportunity skyrockets tremendously. Solely because you control you blog and your content. You won’t need to worry about fraudulent companies shutting down and leaving you heartbroken. You choose what’s promoted and can easily diversify to the point that you can rest assured your business is protected.

If You Must Sell Physical Product, Do it Right

If you are going to sell product online, why do it the old way? Let’s face it, most transactions happen online. Especially in today’s climate with COVID-19 and other concerns, flexibility to build assets that generate income become much more appealing. If you had a product on Amazon perhaps you could then focus on quality product rather than who you will sell to.

I recently began exploring this route and believe the Amazing Selling Machine program gets results. Most people don’t consider selling product online. Luckily I’ve done it on Shopify and on Amazon before I started this affiliate marketing journey. Amazon was the easiest to work with by far, and has a ton of leg room as they are the platform of choice for many right now and probably into the future because of Prime and the Whole Foods merger.

Selling on Shopify vs Amazon

I began to see the nuance through doing it.

Just like you, I was very familiar with MLM and started my journey there. Once I moved to Austin and met a community on internet entrepreneurs I started to open my mind to the possibility of making money online.

The big turning point was starting on Shopify and using Facebook Ads to find customers. I had a free plus shipping offer I was promoting, and I was getting some decent traction. The biggest issue with Shopify was traffic. This alone is the reason that Amazon is so valuable. Gone are the days where people surf the internet aimlessly. Typically people are on a platform/app (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) or a search engine (Google). So my first difficulties in sending people to my site were very much a crashcourse in the importance of a steady, reliable, and affordable traffic source.

Amazon as a platform is built for buyers seeking ways to spend there money.

Remember how Wal-Mart was all the rage in the 90s? Well Amazon is the online version.

Even more impulse buys and with Prime the delayed gratification that kept some wanting to buy and consume immediately, is all but forgotten.

It’s extremely hard to get a product into Wal-Mart. It’s much easier to get it onto Amazon.

Find Someone You Trust and Focus on Them Alone For A While

Going back to that, I’ve tried each and every software Neil Patel has suggested. Looking back, it’s because he gives useful and actionable content for my business.

Right now I’m consuming a ton from the guys over at Income School because their course opened my eyes fully to how to use authority blogging.

Every time I see them upload a new video I consume it because I know he will likely give me some sort of insight that will allow me to move along my affiliate journey a little further than yesterday.

This is someone that is verified and touted across multiple channels as an expert. It’s not about what I think of him, it’s about his knowledge in the space, his companies value-add, and ultimately if the interactions you have are positive.

Much of what happens in MLM is the focus shifts to people and team and pushes accomplishment and legitimacy to the wayside. They reel you in like a good Netflix series and the next thing you know, you are ready to ask “How High?” as soon as they tell you to “Jump”.

This is problematic because money is a byproduct and if it’s approached as a goal rather than the outcome, people quickly forget the fundamentals of business.

For me that has meant blogging for traffic, now there are a ton of ways to get attention online, but I’ve learned that unpaid needs to inform paid. What that means is that your first customers should be people who found you organically (free traffic) through some piece of content whether that’s a podcast, a social media video, email, etc. You shouldn’t have to pay for it!

Why Not Pay For Initial Customers?

When you establish trust people buy from you.

If you get rewarded for bad behavior early on, you are likely to continue that behavior to continue getting what you want. In this case, that’s money for questionable practices.

MLM’s like LuLaRoe can play on emotions and then encourage others to reach out to friends and family (people that already know and trust you) to ask for money. This is insidious and has a lot less to do with the product than it does the relationship. But remember, relationships are sacred. You can earn money online without being misleading or asking friends and family to support.

This was huge for me personally, I hope you realize that through other methods such as SEO AD or building a brand to sell on Amazon you can reach people that want what you are offering rather than relying on relationships you hold dear to you. The truth is, your product or service should sell itself once the right person finds it. If you’re open to it, I’d love to point you in the right direction. This is an opportunity for me to practice what I preach. Hopefully, you will take the time to go through the resources I’ve compiled and find a fit for you.

A Different Approach

It baffles me, the money I spent in MLMs and why they are just a standard part of must ambitious or financially desperate people’s lives. It’s so normal to get burned or at least know someone who has.

There is another alternative. It’s not as flashy and fun as LuLaRoe, it’s a lot less about who you can convince and a lot more about skill and content. But, if you’re willing to give it a your time and energy you might be able to make it through the beginner phase and start earning money.

  1. Amazon Seller
  2. Blogging for Traffic

I talk about both here, mostly the blogging for traffic (and eventual profit) but the point is, these are sustainable business models that have been around for years and have real long-term results for those that go the extra mile.

It’s amazing to me, but we finally live in a day and age where you can completely build your life on the internet.

The rule of 1%

Each and every day I’m seeking to get Blue Highlighted Text to be 1% better than it was the prior day. This doesn’t seem like much on the surface, but the alternative is to beat myself up after setting higher goals at this stage of initiation and understanding.

Everyone is in a rush today.

The problem with building a business from this mindset is that you definitely become susceptible to schemes and the people that build these types of companies have mastered sales copy (or sales pitches) that will get you interested and pulling out your credit card in no time to get started.

You don’t have to make a decision and join a company

85 / 100

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