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After reading Jean-Noël Kapferer and Vincent Bastien’s take on luxury branding and its many factors. I’ve been intrigued with the idea of building within the space and truly offering a better service which elicits spending based on status and quality.

I try not to recommend too many books on this site, but this one definitely led to a breakthrough in how I approached blogging, branding, layout aesthetics, and overall user experience. It’s not that this book covers those areas blatantly, it’s that it shows you the value of taking the time to pay attention to those areas as a business person.

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Furthermore, luxury is an area that is largely untapped for most online products as the approach has been questionable and uncertain for information’s perceived value.

The Luxury Strategy analyzes in depth the essence of luxury, highlights its managerial implications and rationalizes the highly original methods – often very far from the usual marketing strategies – used to transform small family businesses such as Ferrari, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel, Armani or Ralph Lauren into worldwide successes.

The Luxury Strategy clarifies the difference between “premium,” “fashion,” and “luxury,” and sets out the counter-intuitive rules for successfully marketing luxury goods and services.

 Finally, The Luxury Strategy unveils how in any market, including B to B, a company can learn from luxury strategies to differentiate itself profitably.”

From the Goodreads website:

Luxury Sales

The ultimate luxury is that of creating value from a multitude of sources while not requiring an end goal of selling or strong persuasion. I believe that notifying or making it known your availability is an art in itself. This is a level higher than the pushy hard sell that we’re so familiar with in affiliate marketing. It’s much more subtle to reach your audience with tact, intention, and most of all grace. For Blue Highlighted Text, this is a huge part of what we’ll be attempting to solve moving forward. I imagine a situation in which our loyal readers search the site, stumbling across valuable posts they otherwise would not have, all in the name of finding some link so that I can get credit for the sale.

Luxury takes premium away from the product and elevates it into an experience that surrounds product. Like a well-planned debutante ball. The announcement of availability then attracts the right audience in time (Really an experimental analogy). I’m just having fun with it. Additionally, notice this isn’t an announcement that happens in a public place such as Facebook or social media in general.

Why It Can Help as an Affiliate

What I’m getting at is luxury and class penetrate the course of events in profound ways. Success is representative of correct thought and action. In the case of luxury, that often means creating systems and processes that differentiate the experience as well as the product itself.

This lands in an interesting way because the inspiration and creativity that is devoid of business scalability adds value in ways that are profound as well as instinctual.

My Commitment to Finding Out

By now you’re very familiar with my stance on tracking and data-driven marketing approaches as an affiliate. On top of understanding that piece, I believe that affiliate marketing at the highest level is more about sophisticated processes and well-built assets that create systems that translate such thinking.

As I get deeper into this game and specifically the niche of data, I believe I’ll have more opportunities to flex my muscle and build a reputation as someone who cares more than the average affiliate. I’ve even gone as far as reaching out to several companies in my niche that don’t have affiliate programs listed in order to hopefully spearhead an opportunity.

We’ll see if it’s worth it. But as they say, there’s a price to luxury.

75 / 100

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