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Making Your Content Readable

We all do it, we at some time or another we have this idea of a shortcut. How can I avoid putting words on page and just create something that has keywords and gets the job done? We stuff keywords, we oversaturate white space with banners. We link the hell out of every nook and cranny and then… Nothing. We don’t get any readers, and when we do the bounce rate is reminiscent of playmates on trampolines (I’m sorry I had to lol). It’s crazy how we can get into a writing role and make it so God damn boring. We really turn communication into a job, and in the process say goodbye to our potential following, impact, and persuasion.

Lighten up

I called it out when I noticed it.

Every post is about “how to make money online”, “Why you can’t without me”, “I’m successful you should listen to me.” I made a comment to a friend that if I see another video with a middle-aged white guy holding his camera in front of me telling me about a course I might just break my phone. The cliche is super heavy in our space right now. Imagine the reader. I am that guy so I’ll help you step into it now. We’re all stressed trying to learn how to earn a commission. Many of us are putting in insane hours and so obsessed with getting commissions that the fun of this game is drained from the work you produce. Why is it that we accept that and don’t even attempt to create something more natural and encompassing for other emotions?


I’m guilty of it too, but I’ve began to write from such a personal point that I don’t even think many of these posts will actually be about getting you signed up and clicking the blue highlighted text. We actually need less of that. I’d rather you read this, forward it to 1 friend, then go find a link on my site because you really want me to earn the commission for the course rather than the thousands of others that can supply you with a link faster than a bot can send a fake friend request.

Its been eating me and finally I’m making changes towards how I can come across to you. From beginner to beginner, this stuff isn’t that hard. But, you can make writing and creating content a little more interesting than the next guy who doesn’t really care if he ever hears from you again. The real gain is in having a connection exist where others don’t bother to even attempt.

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