Mass Page Sites: Hooks in the Water


Ok, so I went ahead and set-up a Wealthy Affiliate account. I went into it thinking it would be a breeze and there would be no impact whatsoever to my skillset. Boy was I wrong. This was a true intro into the basics of content marketing. It’s not that SEO AD didn’t teach me that, it’s the level of detail of the most mundane processes that gave me additional insight that I could use. I’m now considering authority sites after my initial success with mass page sites.

What I learned made me ultimately become a Thrive Themes customer because I was now much more sensitive to creating quality (authority) sites rather than putting more hooks in the water quickly.

Mass Page Sites

SEO AD taught me to test effectively and quickly within my niche and with a very wide net. This is a huge benefit to the course. But, in the grand scheme of things it would be the equivalent of the first time you saw the Olympic Games assuming whatever event you were watching was the only event happening. SEO is extremely deep and multifaceted. My comparison with trading allowed me to understand this quickly and prepare for learning more in order to improve my process. Mass page sites have such an important place in my development and still serve as a cornerstone of my approach.

As a matter of fact, I got my first commission following the mass page site model so I was floored to realize how this worked and can continue to work for me in conjunction with building an authority site. It takes more than one understanding of SEO and positioning offers to do this successfully in the long-term.

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Authority Sites

I later would understand the flip side to the Test Site which would be an Authority Site.

So one key thing I want to point out is that this is discussed in detail within SEO AD, but I guess I just wasn’t focused on that info and more interested in getting started. Sometimes you don’t understand what you need until you actually start building.

I know that just getting started and on the right track is huge for beginners. What bothers me a bit about the lack of Test Sites for Wealthy Affiliate is they don’t offer a way to go test your niche before committing to writing very detailed and well-thought-out blog posts.

Like anything, there is a need to test and find out before committing completely to any one angle if you want to be productive.

Beginner’s Liability

I totally understand why the WA community isn’t big on using Test Sites like SEO AD is.

I know that in the wrong hands you can have a ton of spammy content with no real skillset created that is sustainable in the long-term.

This is why I feel SEO AD is a more advanced course that takes off the kid gloves and provides more tools for an affiliate to responsibly use.

It’s a matter of exposure, SEO AD as a course and community shows you the very real possibilities of becoming successful in a significant way.

The spammy stuff gets you traction, but the authority angle allows you to stick around and establish a foothold.

Take Responsibility

There’s definitely a darkside to this SEO game. Therefore the need to take full responsibility for your use of the tools presented is something that most teachers aren’t comfortable with and that’s why I suspect very few teach the methods taught in SEO AD.

Even Project24 doesn’t use test sites, instead they are extremely thorough in their approach to keyword analysis.

The fine line between white hat and grey hat SEO techniques starts to show itself.

Hopefully you’ll understand as I did that building sites for discovery isn’t the same as building sites for authority. There is definitely a time to test ideas you may have for a niche, product, interest, etc. But equally important is the use of time in determining what you can successfully pursue and what situations you may need to go back to the drawing board to capture.

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