Multiple Google Analytics Properties in the same GTM Container?

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How to track multiple Google Analytics properties in GTM (Google Tag Manager).

Here’s the short version:

Yes you can but you’ll need to have separate properties (and variables)

  • In the Google Tag Manager tracking ID section, you can’t add properties side-by-side.
  • Each property must have its own unique tag if you want to track GA events across multiple properties
  • In instances where GA4 upgrading is going to be a norm, having a UA and GA4 property connected to GTM will be fine.
multiple google analytics properties

The background…

GTM is easy they said…

Well, no one ever said that to me, but I knew there was an edge to be gained as an affiliate equipped with this intimidating tool called Google Tag Manager. I then quickly learned the ropes and decided to dive deeper into the world of data-driven marketing.

“It will be fine. Just press publish when they launch their new site, and make sure that they have added the new container ID.”

Okay, that’s easy.

This task was required by a client, who was upgrading to v2 on their site. After making the transition from Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics via GTM, the next step was to track several GA Events using GTM tags.

It was not going to be that easy. It never is, but it’s worth it.

I’ve learned to combine tools like to

This is a very important lesson in tracking multiple GA Properties within Google Tag Manager.

The client’s new website was launched on the day I tested the GTM configuration in Preview and Debug mode. All Events worked as expected.

I then pressed the publish button (as instructed) while waiting for the flood event recordings to crash Google Analytics servers.

And I waited.

We waited.

Google Analytics real-time reports were showing me nothing, so I switched to Tag Assistant Recordings.

It was evident that none of the Events tracked as expected. Instead all Tag Assistant Recordings returned “Property Tid errors”.

I returned to GTM and began to reverse engineer the tag configuration process of my colleague.

This was one of my first observations.

When I first saw it, my initial thoughts were:

  1. Is that possible? It is not possible, I’m afraid.
  2. should have the ability to do this.

It is likely that there are many people who have tried to add multiple Analytics tracking IDs to GTM tags. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

To get a better look at each event’s configuration, I switched to Preview and Debugging mode. It was obvious that the property IDs listed on the tag were being combined into a single hybrid-mutant ID.

I was shocked to discover that very little information is available on this topic after doing some research.

I also posted in the GTM/GA Help Forums.

This is How to Track Multiple Google Analytics Properties with Google Tag Manager

Simo Ahava, the king of GTM replied to my help thread. He confirmed my thoughts – Multiple GA properties cannot be tracked in the same GTM tag.

Each property that you wish to track must have its own Tag.

He also pointed out that multiple tracker names are not necessary and could be very difficult to implement.

All fixed.

Everything worked as I expected once I had edited the tags and published the updated container. In Tag Assistant Recordings, there were no errors in the parameter tids.

This is a common mistake. This is something that I’m sure many people who use GA and GTM have done.

Now you’re all set.

It can be tedious if you have many tags you want to duplicate. However, you will find a copy button at the bottom each GTM tag page. This will make your life a lot easier. Simply copy the tag, then modify the property ID of each property you wish to track.

Perhaps the ability to add duplicate tags to another property in Google Tag Manager would be a time-saver.

For now, however, make sure that you have separate GTM tags to each GA property you wish to track.

You can test everything in Debug and Preview modes.

It should be as simple as pressing “Publish”

81 / 100

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