Use Nootropics Instead of Caffeine


So I was reluctant to write this for some reason, I didn’t want to get off topic or seem salesy. The truth is, I realized that maybe some of you are addicted to caffeine like I have been for the past 10yrs. It was a gradual increase from coffee to energy drinks, to multiple energy drinks, to espresso and coffee galore. I think it was a long time coming for me to find Mind Lab Pro.

It’s kind of sad really, and I’m not entirely sure the toll it may has had on my heart health. Definitely not something to play with considering males in my family have a history of heart related issues. What’s worse is that it really was something that was implanted in my subconscious. My go-to even over water.

Caffeine Hurts More Than Helps

Ok, now that that’s out the way. Let’s take a moment to talk about how we work instead. If you’ll allow it, I’d love to create an entire series around how we identify and tweak our working styles. This is the equivalent to tweaking the settings on the race car for some. I’ll assume that if you’re reading this you are a self-starter and looking to really maximize your time and effort towards this affiliate thing. I mean, I want my work to become almost effortless. I’ve been on the hunt for it for years. One of those things you don’t realize how it’s always been a part of the puzzle; until you realize. Realizing that pain and dread don’t need to exist in this path, but rather it’s a manifestation of the frustration we all experience when trying to break through. As I write this, there’s this lump of anxiety in my esophagus that just isn’t going away. I’m not sure where it’s from, but I know it’s not healthy. I know that it’s stress, this isn’t the stress of underachievement necessarily, more one of frustration around not knowing exactly what to do next. My natural inclination for so long has been to work more. And when I say work, I mean mostly sitting in front of my computer screen hoping for inspiration or a sign of some sort to point the way. It’s real, it’s all real on this blog. I just want to level with you and let you know that I’m there with you. That said, if you’re going through the frustration of not knowing right now, realize that you can only improve to the extent that you know how to. I learned through desperation that I had to take days to educate myself. I use to run out of bullets and default to hammering away without direction. My work ethic was working against me. Not anymore, I’m done with it. No more tough guy, more finess, more know-how.

Energy Drink Addiction

That familiar buzz wasn’t one of victory, it was just comforting. As if the act of increasing my alertness would directly enhance my ability to focus. Instead the outcome would be jittery and sporadic work as I plugged away aimlessly. So resigned to work hard rather than smart, I would turn my nose up to those that didn’t exhibit extraordinary work ethic, even if they were top producers. I didn’t understand balance and limits, I was unsure and finding solace in my work ethic. Even though my results weren’t speaking for me, I could never be considered lazy or unworthy. There’s deeper work to do, there is intelligent intentional version of even the most mundane tasks. check it out:

It’s not what you do it’s how you do it

I know there is an angle that not only addresses this for myself but also thousands of others that experience this pressure whether external or internal. We all want to succeed, I think that’s settled. But, let’s consider diving into how we optimize our longevity and health while enroute.

That aside, I recently realized that I’m not necessarily looking for the alertness that caffeine can provide, but I was much more interested in the clarity and willpower to focus and concentrate like I typically can naturally. I guess I just wanted that on tap this entire time. Could I find a solution? A real mental enhancement.

And like most of you, I get frustrated with myself and look for ways to force my focus. That’s exactly where caffeine would step in time and time again. Combined with a much needed break, I’d venture into the kitchen area and grab an energy drink or coffee every time. But, the good thing is I’ve found a solution that doesn’t include caffeine and is allowing me to wean myself off caffeine (and pathetic decaf) probably for good.

Mind Lab Pro Review

I tried a few different nootropics and found that Mind Lab Pro would provide the results I was seeking. A nootropic that has a ton of vitamins and natural ingredients.

Now this blog is all about affiliate marketing, but if you’re like me you’ve had days where everything seemed to be a chore and you couldn’t quite get in the groove. I used to beat myself up every time. I’m not sure that I feel the same way about that anymore though. I found aid in this desire to get lost in my work day after day. I talked about Cal Newport’s Deep Work and how profound of an effect that had on me. Taking a moment to reflect and meditate daily, I’m finally finding that my best success has been a result of my intention and focus rather than my hard work. Ego is a bitch ain’t it.

I’m so interested in really finding solutions to these issues. This idea of balance is a new one for me, I think I’m obsessed (uh oh).

Mind Lab Pro vs. Modafinil two very different worlds. One is a stimulant the other has subtle increase in focus and concentration. I’ve even read Mind lab pro reviews in which they mentioned long-term effects that are hardly noticed.

Natural nootropics

Mind lab pro is one of the best nootropics I’ve ever taken. I’m on this quest to quit caffeine completely, still I’m concerned as I should be. We all know there are pros and cons to just about everything. Especially when we’re talking drugs or medicine. So I’m greeted with the question, are nootropics safe? Well, to be honest, I just assumed (probably like everyone else) that if something is for sale, it’s undergone all the tests necessary to make sure the public isn’t harmed. Anyways, I went ahead and rolled the dice with my journey into nootropics. I was dead set on the idea that I could use these pills and powders to completely replace my caffeine addiction.

The outcome was positive, I’m thankful for that. But, I’m more proud of the fact that Mind Lab Pro is natural and definitely not the immediate stimulant that I was used to with coffee and energy drinks. I think this alone is a major factor when considering the switch, especially as an affiliate marketer. It’s so easy to get into the zone and go hours creating content, tweaking your site, and marketing your work. I’ll post about that another time. The point is, if you’re on this journey of building a business on SEO as I am, you’re going to want to naturally stack your odds through and through. I started to experiment on this in particular and believe that money is a byproduct. We’re here to play this game and win. I don’t know if you agree with my philosophy, but I’m all about making progress natural and predictable through stacking the odds in your favor. I learned this from trading and I honestly see a ton of parallels in the two worlds.

How can you take the idea of hard work or what I like to call Work – Hustle – Grind (WHG) and substitute it for intention, finesse, and strategy?

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