Pausing not Quitting


There comes a point where we all reach our threshold and need to take a moment to step back and reassess. This isn’t quitting, this is taking pause with the intent of coming back stronger. I realized sometime earlier this week that it was time to pause Meditation Life. This was a tough one because I’ve struggled and pushed, succeeded, and failed all with this one business. I think it was a moment that I realized how much I didn’t know that I came to accept that I really needed to go take a look at what I had built. When I did, I realized that luck was responsible for my couple of big months and that I really needed to treat this online money making stuff like I did my trading years prior. I took the time to master the set-ups. I built a knowledge base that led to confidence and consistency over time. For some reason I thought I’d be able to forego this process elsewhere and still earn the type of money I knew was available. To make matters worse, I have groups of friends around me here in Austin, Texas that are super successful and have been for some time. For me, the logic was simple, where I miscalculated was in the approach. I didn’t dig into the research and testing aspects enough. I still don’t fully understand the demographic I’m serving, versus the demographic I think I want to target. To top it all off, through Freedym I’m finding out that my assumption is right, and that there is a ton of work that needs to go into understanding my niche, demographic and product offering early on.

Everyone Does it

One of the fatal mistakes is one of my greatest strengths. I’m super focused on completing things. I’ve learned to at least put out effort towards what you’re trying and eventually you’ll find the right combination. Have you ever tried this? Have you ever tried this approach with a Rubiks Cube? It helps to have strategy, it’s imperative you combine know-how with a willingness to complete your endeavors.

I don’t have a quit button, but that means that I’ll follow wrong strategies long after they’ve been proven to be insufficient. This really represents a turning point in my thinking. A shift from attacking through brute force and willpower, into a strategic strike inflicting as much damage as possible with as little effort as possible. Did I mention I’m an extremist too? I tend to operate in this way, I believe I’ll naturally find balance as my instinct to push forward takes over.

Growing in Business

I’m excited to step back, much more than I thought. I went into it thinking I’d probably beat myself up and feel a certain way about not completely crushing it with Meditation Life. I thought I could push and shove my way to the top. Without calling myself a hardass, I think I’ve secretly had this undercurrent of crushing the competition through persistence, dedication, focus, and consistency. These are increasingly rare traits, so I made the mistake of believing I could win at the highest level through hacking away. It’s good to play toward your strengths, it’s better to sustain an understanding of how to best use your strengths as well as acknowledge your shortcomings. As of right now, I don’t know how to fix what is broken about Meditation Life. However, I do feel successful already. I do feel like the insight I will glean from taking the time to really examine what went wrong and how to build an online business through best practices vs. practice, practice, and more practice; I will reach stability and then undergo another stage of growth at that time.

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