Pipeline Content Strategy


There’s this thing that we all have to do in order to get paid as affiliates.

Creating Content

Scary huh?

I was originally super intimidated by content strategy, the fact that I would need to make thorough and indepth content every single day in order to gain just a little bit of traction only to do it all over again several times. But, the good thing is realizing what’s required and accepting it gets us closer to actually getting paid through the craft. It’s a compass, a real route that tells us exactly what is required for us to succeed. Enter Human – We tend to overcomplicate, “outsmart”, and downright deviate.

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pipeline content strategy

Pipeline Content Strategy

My first strategy in order to get work done as an affiliate and gain some traction was the pipeline content strategy. I used it to create my first book. I also used it to build my first blog. This is the first of my strategies and I look forward to create better and more complicated ones as the process gets refined. Anyways, my approach has often been to act early, tweak, try again. This isn’t the most efficient use of time, but it does keep you going creatively. Let me explain…

Easier Route

One of the hardest things to do when creating content is keep the urgency high while the results are nil. This is why people quit things. You won’t want to build an empire if you look up one day and realize you have not laid a single brick. Really the idea came to me from Ryan Holiday’s Perennial Seller. “The first version of anything sucks.”

This is a key, a real gem to gaining traction. Once I let go of the need to perfect the process while also releasing my work. I removed that invisible barrier and just focused on releasing my work knowing damn well that I’d get better with each subsequent release because it’s only natural for my learning style.

Much like others, I learn by doing. My strategies come from application. I’m not some scholar or student that theorizes all day long. I’m not the guru and I don’t need to have the answer to all your questions. I’d even go as far as saying I don’t need the answer to any of your questions.

My journey is being documented so you can see exactly what I’m doing and what is working (or not) as it unfolds. There is an undocumented learning process that many have missed out on.

The value of becoming and seeing the entirety of the story is a very golden opportunity. I know that I will succeed only because of the friends and coaches I have here in Austin. They’ve done it, so I’m sure I can achieve moderate success at least. What I don’t know, what you don’t know, and the real reason why people fall for gurus that promise an answer is uncertainty.

My Example

Make it work for you, use my journey to understand the fact that there is indeed a journey. There’s no way around it, some of us are more hard-headed than others.

P.S. This is indeed another piece of content, I made it telling myself I’ll go back and clean it up. The truth is I’m going to just keep creating, maybe the next post like this will be much better. Not updated for 2021.

I’ve learned that creating content is my edge, many people just don’t want to add the value and still want the glory of earning passive income online. Yes indeed, there are millions of ideas and angles you can take that won’t require you to connect with visitors in order to earn trust and ultimately a shot at selling them that perfect something that will ultimately earn you a commission.

Luckily, I’m so deep in this game that my success is indeed your success. I look forward to showing you by doing and documenting it along the way.

85 / 100

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