Quality Traffic: How to get Traffic to your Website Fast


I’ve searched high and low for a better way to earn money online. I’m now getting into a habit of expecting income passively as a byproduct of attracting high quality traffic consistently. SEO Affiliate Domination did this for me, hopefully this free course will help you understand how valuable this superior approach is. I’m also available to help my readers if you’d like to book a call.

My intention is to not only find the best audience for every offer I promote, but to also spend any paid traffic only on audiences I feel have the highest chance of actually converting (i.e. highly qualified for the offer). This is the real difference between average and quality traffic.

The interesting thing is that the difference isn’t readily apparent. It takes some exposure to the affiliate game to know the difference. Lucky for you, I’ve been pretty good at documenting my journey through blog and video for your convenience. You’re welcome.

The Main Issue With Getting Started

One of the best skills to learn early is that of attracting high quality traffic. In honesty, the thing that attracts most of us to give this online life a shot is the idea of earning income quickly and scalling the results after investing. This is interesting indeed, and you never know, because it works in some instances.

It’s worth the time and effort

But, the value in knowing the difference in traffic quality is one that you should spend the time considering. Because it’s going to cost you either time or money, but we all have to answer on this one.

This might counter what you learn in your first course or coaching exposure. For me, it sure did. But, this piece is fundamental to success. You don’t need an Instagram account with 10,000 followers. You don’t need to buy likes and subscribe to promotion groups. It’s much more simple than that.

Quality Traffic is Organic Traffic

You need to play small and understand who your customer is, and what they want from your brand. You can use SemRush to gain an in-depth understanding. I prefer it to UberSuggest, but if you’re on a budget use Neil’s limited but handy tool.

Your greatest success will come in the form of actually knowing how and why people are showing up and then scalling.

Too often we are lured to believe that paid ads build a business. I was, but after thousands of dollars spent, I was none the wiser on what it took to build reliable real traffic. I was just guessing with my ad spend.

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In actuality, this approach is really lazy.

Don’t get me wrong they can, but what if you could target people based on their organic counterparts first?

Look-a-like audiences allow this and you can really cash in but that’s for later on. To start out, you want to bring in an organic user base that connects with and becomes the core of your audience. Everyone that comes after will be clones in terms of interests, affinity, age, and other demographics.

When you look at it like this, it makes sense. This is the simple, but effective way to build up your site using high quality traffic from the onset.

First Things First

We live in an age of distraction, and if you don’t believe me just check out Cal Newport’s latest Digital Minimalism.

Trust and understand that gaining traffic without paying for ads is an art all in itself. It’s the longcut in a world plagued with full of supposed shortcuts.

But, if you take the time to master it, your approach to affiliate marketing won’t be such a guessing game.

Additionally, your audience will identify themselves as interested and you’ll know exactly what they are searching for in the query section of Google Search Console.

As yourself, would you rather have a customer that is excited and relieved to buy from you? Or do you want to compete for attention amongst other advertisers (many of which have better ads and bigger budgets) only to be lump with the less memorable and desperate advertisers out there?

It’s really an eye-opener when you realize the path to purchase most consumers take.

Look at yourself, what was the last thing you remember purchasing? Like something you were happy and excited to buy. Preferably not bills or essentials, I’m looking for something that you see as a reward or toy.

These types of purchases are the ones that you naturally talk to friends and family about. You naturally want to share your

Quality over Quantity

I mentioned in a previous blog post that money is a byproduct, and I still believe in that as a general rule. The problem with that approach is that you can stubbornly go in a direction without taking the time to check your work.

Fortunate for you (and me) the method I learned to drive traffic gets you set-up with Google Search Console so that you perform weekly check-ins to understand if your efforts are indeed producing results. This is the gamechanger.

Find a target then hone in on the bullseye.

It sounds simple, but if you take just about any make money online biz op, you’ll see that the biggest issue people struggle to overcome is one of focus, accountability, and tracking results (or lackthereof).

Lead Banking Traffic

My next shot at paid traffic will definitely come in the form of lead banking. This is a type of traffic that is a bit lesser known and exclusive in affiliate circles. I’d suspect that using this model will add an edge to my organic approach.

Quality Testing

Please keep in mind that I’ll likely start this and other traffic experiments once my organic traffic starts converting at about $3-5k a month.

In my opinion, there is no reason to stop iterating and experimenting with affiliate marketing.

You’ll make money to then test new and better approaches while feeding what’s been proven to work.

*Sigh* I can’t wait to have a team that can help me execute those test and build badass content.

86 / 100

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