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I’ve had it up to here with the boring affiliate marketers looking to get me to click the link. Really thinking about my favorite YouTube channels and content that I consume online. Entertainment is a part of almost all of it, or at least the marketing angles are interesting in that regard. I’m a car nut, I’ve binge watched Doug Demuro’s content and absolutely love what he has to say. Aside from the rappers I follow, I’ll watch Architecture Digest’s Crib-esque series and Documentaries mostly. I know you might be reading this and thinking “Why is this guy telling me this?” well it’s for you to do the experiment with yourself. I think you should really open a tab, go to YouTube and check out the content that you volunteer your limited attention span to. The second step is looking into which are the top shows you like. Then maybe consider which of those have the most subscribers and views. Lastly, really try to understand why you like the content so much, what is it about the videos that captivate you.

I’ve been thinking about this deeply and realized a few things that I think are really hitting the nail on the head for me in terms of elements each is comprised of:

Uniformity – This could be format, catchphrases, video length etc.

Style – Also could go into the uniformity bucket. Can you tell this is happening? Does it seem like it’s on purpose?

Novelty – I watch rap videos for artists I don’t care for. Sometimes I’m just searching for comic relief to be honest.

Hook-ability – You binge Netflix because the episode ends in a way that feeds into the next. Case and point.

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