SamCart Is Better Than ClickFunnels


I’m excited for what I’m about to share because I really think it’s going to be groundbreaking for how it can be used within the affiliate space. I remember a year ago I tried the service and thought that the set-up was extremely easy and straight-forward. I specifically remember how seamless the upsells and checkout were. At that stage in my business, the cost of the tool coupled with Facebook Ads and my ongoing Shopify membership just didn’t make much sense to use for me. This is one of those mistakes I made based on price alone.

As I’ve gotten more sophisticated with my understanding of making money online, I’ve realized that there are so many shortcuts built into the software that more than make it worth the monthly cost.

Comparison to ClickFunnels

The idea that ClickFunnels is a direct competitor is obvious but not entirely warranted. One of the things that is so crucial in the journey of selling online is the time it takes to set-up and configure a page that is not only functional, but also good looking!! I hate to break it to you, but ClickFunnels is outdated. It’s popular, it’s highly-recognized, and it’s the same price. But…

There’s a Kim K BUT here.

It isn’t a quick set-up nor a visually modern look or feel.

I’ll take it further in saying that I wholeheartedly believe that CF has more capability overall. The reason I love SamCart is the ease of use and the combined features that easily integrate on the backend once you mature your business and dig deeper into your level of sophistication.

The Modern Version

In the world of building an online business I feel like SamCart is the modern version of ClickFunnels.

This isn’t some big reveal, rather it’s a truth that is coming forth for several businesses that have made improvements in function and design over the years.

We saw Snapchat try to be the modern version of Facebook/IG (although it failed in some regard, it still has its loyal following).

We saw Netflix uproot Blockbuster.

Tesla is the face of electric cars after Fisker tried and failed.

Now I’m not saying that one needs to be declared the winner and another the failure. All I’m suggesting is that if you are considering SamCart or Clickfunnels compare them before you commit. I’d bet my bottom dollar that you will feel the same way I did in setting up SamCart versus CF.

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