SamCart Review [2021]: The Ultimate Essential One-Stop SamCart Resource

BHT SamCart 1 - SamCart Review [2021]: The Ultimate Essential One-Stop SamCart Resource

One of the first tools I ever used to sell online was SamCart.

Although there are several tools that can be used (Shopify, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc.), there’s a fine line to be able to balance both ease of implementation and completeness of features. In this review, I’ll explain why I feel SamCart was able to masterfully do both. This is my SamCart Review, unbias and fully transparent. You’ll see an index soon because this was intended as a resource more than a blog post.

And why I came back to it recently to revamp a former Shopify store. Before you consider, get a feel for it by watching this webinar

P.S. I literally made a sale within 24hrs of moving it over from Shopify!!

SamCart Features: SamCart Review

A/B Testing

I already dug into this in-depth, but if you skipped down to this section please note that A/B Testing is one of the best practices for just about any task online in which you drive traffic and track conversions.


In a section labeled “Checkout Design” there are 18 templates for your one page checkout. Essentially this means you have a seamless landing/checkout page combo. The guys over at SamCart confess that the inspiration for this was from Amazon. Not a bad example to follow.

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Upsells and Downsells

One of my favorite features is the ability to customize the customer experience based on teh product they checkout with. SamCart calls these funnels, I call it genius. Fully aware that the correct offer depends on timing and relevance, it’s easy to add the correct sequence of products based on how the customer got to checkout.

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Affiliate Support

This took me by surprise and made me a huge fan instantly. The very clean and concise back office shows very clearly what you can do as a business owner to begin recruiting your very own army of affiliates.

Additionally, there are sections for Email Swipe, custom product links, and the most impressive; recurring, percentage or flat rate payouts depending on the product being promoted. This makes the idea of selling a product through affiliates much more feasible for someone interested, but not necessarily looking to build it from scratch.

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Tiered Products

I began messing with this feature earlier. I admit, it was very confusing for the first 10mins or so. But in the video below I’ve decided to take you through the process in real-time. Now, I could have edited or done it off-screen then came back, instead I decided to show you the overall ease of it in spite of my mistakes.

This tool really is the best for getting your product launched and out into the market without all the drama that comes along with ClickFunnels or Shopify with it’s apps.  

Subscription Products

Another huge advantage SamCart has is the ability to sell and manage subscription/membership products right from the same platform you sell your physical and digital products. This may not seem like a big deal, but trust me it’s been a real task to do this with other platforms. I use Thrive Themes Apprentice for hosting the actual membership area.

Digital Products

If you’re in ecommerce, you’ve likely either tried to sell or considered selling an ebook, planner, or some sort of course or membership. This is handled masterfully in SamCart. Even allowing you to easily upload zip files for your convenience.

This is a simple touch for many, but to someone like me this is the type of attention to detail that sets SamCart apart. The upload time was pretty slow, but that might be a result of all the tabs I have open!

Physical Products

Change is coming. There is a resurgence in physical products for small online solopreneurs and the like. I love how easy it is to sell physical with SamCart, keeping the process clean and simpler than other platforms.

(Almost) No Apps

Is there really much to explain here? If you’ve used an ecommerce platform before, you know that there are almost always apps for additional features. Even SamCart has integration, but it’s for email service providers.

I connected my ConvertKit account for seamless tagging and sorting (perfect for emailing relevant offers in the future). This was perfect when I made my first sale using SamCart for Meditation Life within my first 24hrs of relaunching it.

Subscriptions and Payment Plans

If you follow my work at Blue Highlighted Text, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate for recurring revenue. If you happen to have some aspect of your business that fits into this model 1) I highly encourage you do 2) SamCart has a ready made solution.

Again no need to find a third-party solution. This is huge and adds a layer of flexibility to how and what you offer in terms of product, service, or membership/courses as a online business.

I set this up almost immediately for my SamCart account and this prompted me to build out the membership community for Project Newsense that I’ve been planning on but not executing. In other words, the ease of integration made me take action on an area I had a legit excuse for neglecting prior to.

Trial Options

We all do it, we like to try before we buy. SamCart has this feature built-in as well.

Don’t tell my girlfriend that (really don’t, she won’t think this is funny).

Additionally, you can offer a paid trial if that’s something you’d like to include in the mix.

Whether paid or free, trials are another way to get people on and using. Again, the idea is to provide something of quality that people will gladly pay for once they get a taste for the value. Netflix absolutely kills it with this model, thanks to SamCart you can too.

Pay What You Want Pricing

This is one of the huge advantages I thought Gumroad had as a platform. Essentially the ability to offer my first book using a pay what you want offer was a huge win in my eyes. As a marketer and a fan of Nipsey Hussle’s iconic Proud to Pay campaign I had to try my hand.

Although Gumroad is a pretty cool platform, it’s not as robust or easy to navigate as SamCart. Once I dug around the Help Forum I came across an article boasting the software’s ability to set-up pay what you want pricing.

Order Bump

Making it natural and non-salesy, SamCart has great layout flow and it’s all on one page for a convenient and quick checkout experience. I can’t say that enough.

I really believe that Shopify doesn’t even come close to this level of detail and convenience placed on encouraging the potential customer to complete the order. It’s one of the most frustrating parts of e-commerce, but I think they have addressed it well.

Google Tracking and Analytics Integration

Nowadays, one of the main selling points for me is whether or not I’ll be able to connect new tools and software to my existing build-out.

I’m proud of my work thus far and really want an easy way to use what I’ve learned in Google Tag Manager, and highly recommend you learn what I have from Analytics Mania’s GTM FREE course.

It’s taken my affiliate game to a new level, and I’m now considering consulting for affiliate marketers that might be interested. If that’s you, then reach out here:


The genius in data-driven affiliate marketing is the fact that I have fewer guesses in my process. This inevitably translates into more opportunity to scale with confidence.

No it won’t make you a better affiliate marketer, but it will allow you to know why you’re succeeding when you finally start to gain traction.

Aside from what Greg Jeffries taught me through his course SEO Affiliate Domination, I wish I would have started my journey with the knowledge I now have of GTM and how to use it.

SamCart GTM Integration with Container Import

Custom Checkout Fields

I used the custom fields in order to capture sizes for T-shirts I included as order bumps. This also opened the idea that including it as a required option might be a good way to surprise customers with free merch from time to time.

This is very much interesting to consider and one of the biggest takeaways from using SamCart. Aside from traffic, it challenges you to find ways to use and manipulate the page to your advantage.

Presentation As a Sign of Legitimacy

SamCart was the only e-commerce platform I used other than Big Cartel that was easy to set-up. Where it beat all the other platforms was how modern, clean and smooth the interface appeared.

The most neglected area of all e-commerce has famously been the checkout area. Not only the look and feel, but having the opportunity for upsells integrated naturally became a huge advantage.

Later I’d understand just how valuable this was, especially when relying on paid traffic.

It’s one of those things you really need to experience and I encourage you to try it for 14 days. I figured this out early on in my journey, using the cheapest or most popular software wasn’t always the correct answer.

Hell, it’s usually the worse.

If you’re strapped for cash, this might be too big a bet to get started, check out a demo here and bookmark this article for a future date. In the meantime, I’d recommend Big Cartel over Shopify any day. Starting out should be simple and cheap, make some decent money and then upgrade to SamCart so you can maximize.

Everyone is different indeed, and you’ll take to certain interfaces and controls different than others. I’m bias to the user experience and brand building. I know people who are strong advocates for other software.

I’m not looking to discredit other’s thoughts on software, I’m here to offer my own experience more than just another hollow opinion.

Huge Online Store Fallacy

I did this, I don’t think I’m the only one either. It’s the “dropship your way to riches” type of rhetoric that got me started in the industry initially.

I went haywire when I set-up my first version of Meditation Life. I downloaded the free Oberlo app and proceeded to add just about everything on AliExpress that was in my niche to my store. Marked it up 4x and was ready to start counting my profits shortly after.

The problem was that my customers were clearly not happy about the packaging or the fact that there orders were taking 3 weeks on average to arrive.

Don’t make this mistake, it sucks having unhappy customers and it’s no way to run a sustainable business. Remember: you need people to come back and buy, ESPECIALLY if you’re not selling something with a significant profit margin. This brings me to my next point.

Practice What I Preach

As I start to gain traffic for my first store that I decided to pause in February and relaunch now (in late April), I am sending my traffic directly to my SamCart page, and made a sale within 24hrs of having it up!!! I wish I was lying (not really but that’s the expression).

This was a huge boost in morale and I look forward to building on the success of the first sale now that I can email the customer with value and offers moving forward.

In case you didn’t notice it the first time:

Average Shopify user makes $30,000. Average SamCart user makes $100,000.

The same product from my Shopify store, got some love within 24hrs of being up. I guess I’m right to assume that the positioning of the product can be the difference. You tell me what you think:

Here’s the Shopify page <<<<<>>>>> Here’s the SamCart page

Best E-commerce Platforms

To be more specific, getting started is difficult and messy. This is why ecommerce, dropshipping, and Amazon have about as many coaches and gurus available as there are products on Alibaba. With this, the SAAS space has about as many distractions as your YouTube feed (Ok maybe that’s me, but you get the point).

It can be difficult and frustrating as you typically need to make several decision just to get yourself open for business.

I went through it, and my OCD got the best of me as I continued to dabble in as many free trials as possible (even reversing charges when I accidently let the trial period switch over). I’m not proud of it, but since we’re being honest here, that was my experience.

There’s really only a few things that need to happen in order for you to present your offer and start testing whether or not you’ve got a winning proposition.

SamCart was the first (and only so far) to provide a quick and comprehensive page that was modern and sophisticated.

Don’t Fall Victim To The Price Trap

Price is a significant deterrent for getting solid tools, especially when you are just getting started. Let this SamCart Review give you the confidence you need.

Saving money and sacrificing quality isn’t a good game. You look for an acceptable (i.e. inferior) way to set-up a storefront and you miss the crucial element of usability and ease of transaction…

Then, you proceed to blow your budget on Facebook Ads.

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This is a wake-up call. Don’t make the mistake of assuming there are shortcuts that are sustainable.

Make it easy to purchase like Amazon does with it’s super quick checkout features. Amazon’s interface is dated, but it’s also supremely optimized for every piece of info the customer needs to make a buying decision fast.

SamCart has a video here that breaks down how they used the same logic in creating their software.

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You don’t know what you don’t know, and it can get really expensive. This SamCart Review is going to help you get over your assumptions about not only this tool, but your approach to ecommerce.

Having a tool that gets the job done (upsells, downsells, email integration, tracking, etc.) is essential. This is where there’s a key distinction between the premier e-commerce solution Shopify and the lesser known SamCart.

SamCart Review

I’m only going to speak on software that I’ve either used or demoed. Just so you know, this is a huge decision to choose a platform to build upon. I got here after starting and failing more times than I care to admit. SamCart has some stiff competition. But tbh, I couldn’t have a SamCart review without including the many of the newer checkout softwares.

Even without a proven track record just yet, I’m all for giving the underdogs a shot but, they are definitely in the challenger’s position against the reigning champ, SamCart.


From what I’ve seen so far I really like UltraCart, it seems to have everything that SamCart has to offer and many of the same basic integrations you’d want as a beginner.

The big surprise is their affiliate management included in the very affordable starting price.

I may try them out for new business ideas, but I’ll likely keep SamCart as my number 1 as I’ve learned to use it and get the most out of it through hours of use. Additionally you can sell through Amazon, Ebay, WordPress, Custom “Buy” buttons. It really is a super convenient tool assuming you already have a site.

Again, I haven’t used this tool yet so I don’t know how user friendly it is. But, from the looks of the site it seems pretty involved compared to SamCart.


It seems that ThriveCart might be a great competitor for SamCart. In this case, the consumer wins! I’m looking forward to see where these two push each other. Although ThriveCart isn’t live yet, the hype is huge and the features seem to outweigh those of SamCart while including a funnel feature that could rival ClickFunnels’.

I’m not sure if I’ll try ThriveCart just yet, but I’m certain it will get considered for future businesses. My approach to business has been that of creating case studies out of each endeavor. I don’t necessarily care as much about full success as I do a full experience.

Maybe that will change once I achieve breakthrough success, I doubt it though. My curiosity has always been a source of fuel.


I personally experienced this with MailChimp once I got away from it and began using Convert Kit. This is an example, but I’m hoping you realize the commonality. We definitely come to our software preferences over time and after experiencing others.


The Uber-popular site for all dropshippers this side of the Mississippi. One of the cleanest looks with blog and shopping all in one.

The only issue I really have with Shopify is it’s limited features and costly apps along with the difficulty in setting up shipping parameters.

It was a classic case of knowing that there had to be a better solution, but not changing because I had at least gotten my rough draft out there!

I still would say that Big Cartel is a better solution for just getting started, but then again I didn’t even discover Big Cartel until it was time to begin selling merch for Project Newsense.

The most visible (i.e. convenient) wins in these situations, but you’d do well to eventually upgrade beyond the tools you begin with. Experience tells us this, our understanding and our feel for what we’d like our customers to experience can be enough for a change to occur.

“Knowing is half the battle” – G.I. Joe


I had a buddy of mine that talked me into building the Project Newsense store on BigCommerce even though I already had a FREE Big Cartel store that was making sales and seemed to be more than adequate for what I needed at the time.

I quickly made a mistake and purchased a theme that was $200, at that point I was committed to a monthly of $30, maybe a bit more with a couple apps I added. This was overkill, and I admit the layout wasn’t impressive or exceptional for customers that visited.

I remember setting the sizing for each item was particularly complicated. Looking back, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

Lesson earned.


Do I really need to convince you that WordPress is and will always be a good look for written content. I’m considering shutting down Squarespace and moving the new Project Newsense site over to wordpress with SamCart handling all purchases obviously.

Big Cartel

Ok, I’m supposed to be convincing you to use SamCart but let me be super real with you. If I was new and had a WordPress blog with traffic, I would set a redirect to Big Cartel with a custom domain. (I don’t know if technically that’s the play, but you know what I mean).


Currently using this for the new Project Newsense sight, it looks gorgeous, I’m going to pay someone to duplicate the layout on WordPress soonish.

The big difference between Squarespace and it’s most similar competitor Shopify, is cost and capability. Squarespace has a few integrations and tiers depending if you just want a site are you’re using it as a store.

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I’m currently signed up for the $30 (read the fine print!!) plan and might be cancelling it to only sell through SamCart. I don’t need both, I just need to sell enough to not cancel SamCart, otherwise I’ll flip over to Big Cartel’s free plan that limits me to 5 products. Is what it ‘tis.

SamCart Review: Comparing SamCart to Competitors

SamCart vs. UltraCart

I’ll start with the best I’ve found so far in theory…

So you’ve probably seen UltraCart if you’ve been researching different e-commerce options. To be honest, the only real household name in the space is Shopify. In my opinion this is why they’ve been able to enjoy so much success over the last 5 years or so.

Anyways, I think UltraCart has a chance to dethrone SamCart… on paper. They have a few features that make it special like: Built-in Affiliate Management, Amazon, Ebay, and WordPress integration, custom “Buy” buttons. I haven’t used it just yet, but in theory, this tool could be a gamechanger at a fraction of the cost.

SamCart vs. Thrivecart

This is starting to develop as the most relevant comparison for SamCart. I’m not entirely sure about ThriveCart because I haven’t personally used it. I look forward to doing a deep comparison soonish, but for now I’ll keep using SamCart as it’s the best solution for me and I can cancel anytime.

SamCart vs. Clickfunnels

For instance, I think ClickFunnels is a great tool and the most similar to what SamCart offers on the surface. Additionally, it would be near impossible to have a thorough SamCart Review without mentioning the gorilla in the room. However, I’ve also used ClickFunnels and can admit that the platform is dated in functionality and aesthetic (yeah I said it) and if I’m nitpicking, a bit clunky when trying to build a page to your liking.

Or Clickfunnels vs. SamCart

Yes, with ClickFunnels you can create a page as quickly as you could with SamCart. Additionally, you can set-up very impressive steps (funnels) that have different paths.

Huge advantage, but also a slippery slope for those that tend to fall in love with software more than the goal of it.

But, SamCart puts the idea of having a seamless one-page option on the table in a matter that is smooth and modern with many hidden gems. To use it is to love it.

Let me be clear, ClickFunnels is a more diverse tool, but I prefer the look and feel of SamCart as I lean toward aesthetic rather than the opportunity to set a funnel in motion that tripwires 5 products (FYI you can set an upsell funnel that has 10 offers with SamCart, but why would you do that?)

As we transition into an age that is more comfortable conducting transactions online, it pays to be a smart marketer that realizes many will judge your store by appearance. Indeed they judge books by covers still. Here’s mine.

The user experience is the future along with social proof (i.e. reviews). It’s here that I draw the line and say SamCart is better than ClickFunnels. Additionally, on the SamCart demo they mention a clue as to why Amazon’s product page is so perfect (duh). Why is no one talking about Amazon’s genius page layout?

It really was crazy for me to see this idea implemented called the 1-page store. Contrary to popular marketing belief, consumers don’t necessarily want several steps, they want social proof, benefits, scarcity (exclusivity), guarantee, answers to objections, and an easy way to upgrade their order.

“Average Shopify user makes $30,000. Average SamCart user makes $100,000.”

SamCart vs. Shopify

Shopify is pretty straight forward if you’re just trying to get started. Again, this is one of those essential for the SamCart Review.

That’s exactly how I got started actually.

I mean it was the most visible and talked about 2 years ago when I first gave my idea for Meditation Life a go.

Shopify is pretty easy, I got up and running within an hour. But… There’s a Kim K but.

You really get taxed as you go into the apps section and begin to optimize your site. You see, they are great at getting people in the door for a low price, they then take it to new extremes as you rack up monthly fees for just about everything.

Nonetheless, making it easy to get started is a huge accomplishment and they do it better than almost everyone, ALMOST everyone.

I remember being taken aback when I joined the SamCart trial in May of 2018. This was after I already had almost a year’s experience with Shopify and was even experimenting with Big Cartel and Big Commerce as I began selling merch for Project Newsense.

SamCart was by far the quickest and cleanest set-up, you can tell it was created by someone clever and very aware of what pushes the needed in terms of making sales online and sustaining while in start-up mode.

The price tag is a bit intimidating for a newbie, but I’m going to ask that you trust the fact that you will pay $100/month optimizing anywhere you go. Either you will upfront or over time. From my experience, the only exception to this is Big Cartel which allows you to sale 5 products free.

The first big difference with Shopify and other ecom platforms was aesthetic for me. I truly believe that Shopify excels at making the stores look legit and therefore more likely for visitors to trust and buy.

To really put things in perspective, I rarely buy physical products online outside of Amazon. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been screwed online a couple times back in the day and so I’m sensitive to presentation as a sign of legitimacy.

BigCommerce vs. SamCart

Don’t make me laugh, no comparison.

I used BigCommerce after Shopify, even paid for a premium theme. It wasn’t worth it for me. I’m kind of jaded by the period of my life where I decided to spend on a theme. It really doesn’t need to be this complicated, you should be able to plug and play your ecommerce solution.

Big Cartel vs. SamCart

If you can’t quite clear $200 or so a month in your business, use Big Cartel’s free plan, stack up some sales and come back for SamCart. The biggest difference is the ability to optimize checkout for additional offers (order bump, subscriptions, videos & upsell funnels). It’s still good enough, but not seamless, additionally Shopify is cleaner and more professional looking but not worth the expense in my opinion.

One notable feature is the Printful integration which was huge for me, being that I’m selling merch.

Squarespace vs. SamCart

Again, not as seamless but takes the overall look and feel to an even higher level if you’re looking for that for your brand.

This reminds me, SamCart is all about sales.

I make this distinction because I gloat about it’s minimalist look and feel along with the clean modern look. These ideals are accomplished on Squarespace to be honest, and at a fraction of the cost. The real reason SamCart is a useful tool in my eyes is that you can keep your brand looking great (which matters to some sellers, but not everyone) and makes it ideal for a quick sell.

I’ve been selling Meditation seats on Meditation Life for about 2 years now. I realized it’s more positioned as a luxury product and I accepted the need to keep aesthetic in mind that came along with that.

I think I was right though, I made a $450 sale within my first 24hrs of having SamCart activated. I’m beyond selling ordinary products, and yes I went through the Aliexpress dropship phase and I’m in a much different space. I decided to build brands that I can be proud of and that means good product and beautiful presentation.

SamCart Review: Multi-Step Sales Funnel

Huge multistep funnels aren’t as successful anymore. In honesty, it’s probably unnecessary for most ecom stores and especially for a beginner.

We all have been there, we get caught in the weeds instead of finding ways to easily test and tweak.

The overcomplication has to stop.

SamCart represents and focuses on the 1-page store, I think we all should start back at 1*cue Brian McKnight*.

SamCart Review: Making the Offer Irresistible

This is more anecdotal than theory, but I wanted to offer an example of something I’ve seen myself. The example I was shown was a free + shipping offer for a physical book. So $7 is what you charge each customer and you offer $47 coaching call.

For the sake of easy numbers, let’s say it costs $10 to get each customer. It’s $7 for you to print and ship the book so that leaves you with -$3.

So if my TI-83 plus is right (shoutout all my math nerds) I’m up $44 on the transaction each time the customer takes the upsell. That means I can actually suffer 14 new customers acquired for each 1 upsell conversion.

Keep in mind, you are A/B testing your page and offer for optimal conversion over time. All in all, Sounds like a good way to build a list!

One Big Problem: SamCart Review

So one of the most important things to focus on is what SamCart solve.

Many capable software options err on the side of complexity.

Their complexity actually prevents you from easily running crucial A/B tests that make your store more about the customer and less about your ego (and empty bank account). Highlighting this idea (and the solution) is a large part of the reason why I wanted to create a comprehensive SamCart Review like this.

This is where SamCart outshines other ecom platforms.

As a business owner, you get to focus on things like traffic source and product rather than the software you’re using!

Types of A/B Testing Available

SamCart has A/B Testing set-up automatically. That means you don’t need to guess about a few things:

  • Which Upsell Converts Best
  • Which Fields to Require
  • Checkout Templates
  • Headlines
  • Testimonials

You don’t have to assume which offer performs best either. Once I watched the tutorial and understood the best practices for A/B testing, I decided to run a test on every product I offered. I’m going to A/B test each against the winner of the previous test until I have a clear overall winner.

Notice, it’s A/B not A/B/C/D/E testing. Keep it tame and test 1 at a time.

IqJYhMcH2fNzukfPFN8M8pNkwRGDHDdbPEChw69m7o8rdxyqxs3Gyvvl8c9Znq2HTzsec23 IdhXvWZFNctZeduv9n7olNT KV2qpxz8ido35yost aakCNDrMMESLZhCgiiFiJt - SamCart Review [2021]: The Ultimate Essential One-Stop SamCart Resource

Again, tt’s really remarkable how much guessing we do at the beginning. Here I am, almost 2 years in and just now accepting the notion of A/B testing everything I possibly can. Guessing doesn’t do it. We measure twice, cut once, and log the results. That’s how you make better choices over time.

There is a refinement that naturally happens over time as you pick the winner between tests only to then again test it against a new variant. Big shoutout to Shane from Thrive Themes for this paradigm shift.

I love this idea and it feels good to know that it’s another built-in feature, no apps or outside costs for the entrepreneur looking to make the right investment and start testing the offer quickly.

The tool is, dare I say, perfect for someone who can accept simplicity as a path forward in online marketing. If you’re looking for a creative outlet, this probably isn’t the best time or place to do it.

Hyst3griJWd2uXCGK maa9y6XqjouUDg5LPpjmawfUguRh2U4QoThP8lmlNOA7nTSi6lcxav5xPMaZIV2JgpewivVO6YtILpKEIxl wK09pGZCUi3Mo5syPWHtoleG1 vHu7cU35 - SamCart Review [2021]: The Ultimate Essential One-Stop SamCart Resource

SamCart Review: Seamless Templates Make People Buy

When we have a very clear understanding as to what we are offering and what we want the consumer to do, life is easy.

For too long, I was unknowingly overcomplicating my business while confusing the hell out of my potential customers.

I got a feel for what to do as I stack failure on top of failure and was forced to really start building for the consumer rather than myself. Again, a huge them of this blog is money is a byproduct.

Make it easy for the consumer and start testing your idea.

Stop hiding behind complexity. This isn’t an intellectual pursuit, yes you may be smart, but that doesn’t count for a sell most of the times.

There is genius in simplicity.

For my Beginners: Chances are your initial idea won’t work the way you expect it.

SamCart Review: Concise like Amazon

I think early on in the journey we don’t want to seem inadequate. I’m sure of it actually. We want the site we use to look beautiful, we sacrifice functionality, we make decisions that we aren’t qualified to make at the time.

This is so much the case that we actually over complicate our offering.

Amazon has this dialed in, they don’t have a updated or modern look, but all the info is uniform and people scan 1 page to make a buying decision.

The point I’m making is that our business does need to sell, but we get to choose how we sell.

We can sell like Ferrari sells, or we can miss the mark and be the sleazy used car salesman that fights for approval and likability all for the mighty dollar.

When you make the experience with your brand one that is simple and streamlined, people like that and they get to make clear-headed decisions quickly with little to no friction. There’s no trickery, no complexity, no “Gotcha!”

Concise Doesn’t Mean Short

We need to A/B test and find the perfect solution of course. Don’t think just because you removed all the fluff you have what you need. Virgil could have done that with his AJ1, but the typography really takes the collab to an entirely different level (If you get this reference please comment, I need friends).

Finding a balance between what is left out and what is concluded is the stuff of legend.

This same thinking is what makes the best Ad Men and Copywriters legendary.

Striking a balance is the art in this world. I’d like to say the best version of this very article you’re reading is the first draft, the truth is I’ll be working with an editor to cut this down and make it more concise while also adding elements that make it more entertaining, relevant, and easy to read.

I practice what I preach.

SamCart Review: Premium Perks

Have you ever had the dream of setting up a commission-only sales program? You can with SamCart’s Premium plan.

Imagine A whole army of commission sales people, all integrated and clean on the backend so you can see who is performing and what they’re selling. You could go even further by offering software like Voluum that ultimately makes them a better affiliate.

You can do just that with SamCart’s Premium version.

At $200, it cost that same as ClickFunnels, but when you’re starting out you probably won’t even need that and can go with the $100/month basic plan.

Again SamCart is all about setting you up to sale quickly with all the bells and whistles you might need and none of the ambition halting busywork that we’ve all experienced (Shopify).

It’s nice to know that you won’t need to find separate software once you’re ready to build a sales team.

SamCart Review: Use Case

This is significant because most e-commerce software is loaded with features and capabilities that just don’t get used. As beginners, we don’t realize what a waste this really is.

Essentially, starting out our first draft becomes the draft we use when software is clunky or difficult to navigate.

In short, we don’t want to go through that headache again, we just want to turn a profit.

In SamCart, set-up is completed in a focused 30min – 45min. (if you have only a 1-5 products). The most difficult moments, as I’ve discussed, being payment processor set-up and the nuances of payment tier options.

In short, this means you earn the luxury of tweaking your page and shifting your focus from “completeness” to “usefulness”.

This might not seem like much if you are new to e-commerce, but if you have attempted to create something useful online before, you’ll know that completing it can mistakenly replace the desire to do it well.

The genius of SamCart is you shift from the stress of set-up. Essential time wasters like setting up a landing page, payment process, email sequence, and even affiliate management are streamlined. You are presented with the rare opportunity to quickly get an offer out there and test.

SamCart Review: Upsells & LTV

So, I’ve been really going through a masterclass while selling my first book. It’s all been a huge eye-opener and one of the biggest being the free plus shipping offer and why so many people are able to absolutely crush it with the strategy.

Firstly, books are a great way to get your foot in the door.

The benefit of selling a hard copy of the book is that they totally understand that it will cost to send it. So, when you tell them it’s free plus shipping they are pretty much prepared to whip out the credit card. However, when you only charge shipping you are likely to barely break even or maybe be slightly in the hole factoring in marketing costs. Most new marketers would say they are at a loss, and throw the idea away while they simultaneously open a tab to start a Shopify store. But… There’s a Kim K butt here as well.

SamCart: Upsell Funnels

You can upsell something related to your initial offer in order to add value and keep your campaign profitable simultaneously. Examples are as follows: a course, merchandise, coaching. in order to make the transaction profitable. This is game changing and super important for you to grasp as new customer acquisition is an art form no different than dating. Get your foot in the door and be patient as you plot for the score.

Upsell A/B Testing

They thought of this too!! If you have an idea for your initial offer but want to experiment with which upsell funnel to show the customer, you can test it!… And why wouldn’t you?

This is an opportunity for you to test out new and existing products, price points, bonuses, etc.

SamCart Review Conclusion

If you take and put to use the methods taught in SEO Affiliate Domination you’ll notice quickly that building traffic is but one part of the equation.

Obviously, you can send up affiliate offers, but eventually, you will want to offer a service, product, or membership of your own.

SamCart allows you to do that easily while offering a quick and hassel-free experience. And I’ll admit, that matters more than ever as I’ve researched several competitors in my niche to discover generic looking sites and clunky landing pages.

Anyways, try a free trial now. If you hate it email me and tell me why, I really want to know!

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