SEO Affiliate Domination Review: Get Paid To Make It Work

BHT SEO AD Review - SEO Affiliate Domination Review: Get Paid To Make It Work

Greg Jeffries ClickFunnels Past

The man dominated Clickfunnels’ affiliate program with organic traffic.

I didn’t quite know what that meant when I enrolled in the course, hell I didn’t really know much about SEO or affiliate marketing in practice either.

Later I’d learn that what he did was different. True to the name, it was SEO Affiliate Domination that got him to the top 30 of ClickFunnels Dream Car Winners. Something that was unheard of and very impressive amongst top earners. Although others in the program may have made more money, he was doing it with FREE traffic.

The biggest difference not being that the traffic was organic, but that it was largely a passive business engine he was able to create while his peers were chained to their desk managing paid traffic campaigns, constantly spending and making adjustments.

This difference made all the difference for me.

This is why I wanted to learn from Greg and build from scratch with someone that I felt really understood the power of using a unique strategy and getting results.

Just like you, I’d heard of using paid traffic, but it was interesting to me that this guy took the time to learn and apply SEO in a way that got him organic sales and lots of them. To make things even more interesting, I would later learn that we was using SEO in a unique way, more on that later.

Truly it was a show of skill rather than luck or a big bankroll.

That’s something that resonates heavily with me. I’m seeking mastery rather than a quick buck, this blog is really an experiment designed to force me to grow and understand SEO even further so that I to can develop strategies and approaches that encourage a diverse set of skills rather than some temporary “hack”. I know all too well to approach money as a byproduct of a job well done rather than a destination.

With his newfound fame amongst the ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner community, people started to get interested in his approach and it led to Greg creating SEO Affiliate Domination or SEO AD for short.

The most interesting part of this course for me is the “Legit Factor”.

Greg Jeffries provides a refund of your course cost upon your successful use of his teachings. He requires you to offer a testimonial and in response sends you back the full cost of the course via PayPal.

This guarantee really made me think.

It made me take responsibility and accept the challenge. There’s a famous Tony Robbins interview with Frank Kern about taking action. This was time for me to lean into that idea and it made me rethink how a Marketing Guru should really offer courses. This would turn out to be a life changer, legit as little risk as possible for the value he’s offering. No room for Coffezilla or Spencer Cornelia to hate.

SEO Affiliate Domination Facebook Group

One of the first value-adds I came across was the Facebook Group. It was one of the first times I had felt like I was in the right place at the right time as a newbie.

When you’re starting out you have your guard up.

Rightfully so.

You try to dodge the scam artists, you try to spend sparingly or not at all. You’re juggling free trials to different software in order to gain a little traction.

I get it, I was there.

In addition to that, it seems like each time you sign up for a trial or a webinar you’re then bombarded with requests to join groups.

The issue here is, you don’t know enough about affiliate marketing to know who is worth your time and who isn’t.

This is the most daunting task in starting anything new. Finding the right direction and getting real traction.

I know because I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate and saw the difference first hand. I’m not bashing Wealthy Affiliate, but I will say that building a community can be about comfort or it can be about pushing forward.

Naturally, WA has a ton of newbies in the community and they offer advice and support from that perspective. It’s very rudimentary and great for getting answers to simple beginner issues. There is indeed value in that, however, being a member of the SEO AD Facebook Group felt more like being a fly on the wall of an elite group of marketers.

I was observing more and running down different ideas and resources more often because I knew everyone in the group was levels above me.

I’m actually very glad I came across SEO AD before any other program because it forced me to learn the technical aspects of blogging for traffic faster.

It’s a classical case of overlearning.

A distinction I made once I discovered Scott Young’s Ultralearning.

Something that, to this day, I find use for time and again.

At some point I thought the best way to tackle learning affiliate marketing was starting with something very basic.

I’m glad I didn’t find what I was looking for. Instead, I was thrown into the deep end.

By far the best experience I could have hoped for. I was forced to take action and earned my first affiliate commission in 90 days. Did I know what I was doing? Hell no. But, I did gain traction and start exploring after first having traction. This is a crucial thing, and one approach that I’ll take into the future for the rest of my days.

Most new endeavors fail because of inaction or far too much preparation and learning. Jumpstart your affiliate marketing with this one strategy he’s teaching at SEO Affiliate Domination, then learn about SEO, affiliate marketing, authority blogging, etc.

Six Figure Society

The next level course for those who are looking to exceed $100-$200/day and reach six figures a year.

This course description alone was cause for huge shift in mindset and the feeling that I could actually become a success through this idea of SEO driven affiliate marketing.

What I would find is that this course would be a wealth of information on resources and Facebook groups with even more affiliates that are niche and successful.

It’s really the precursor to Domination Labs.

There are phases that we go through as beginners. This phase is after the initial phase of learning and applying the strategies of SEO AD.

I find it interesting that the thing to level up our earnings isn’t more work, or some new strategy. Instead its tools and resources to help us use those tools efficently.

Because ultimately, affiliate marketing success is a matter of efficiency.

So after you’re aware of where this is going, the next installment Domination Labs shows you how to combine the tools and this opens even more possibilities.

Domination Labs

Screen Shot 2020 05 11 at 7.06.23 PM - SEO Affiliate Domination Review: Get Paid To Make It Work

The analogy is apparent once you start to understand what is happening here.

With the SEO AD course itself you are introduced a strategy along with the reason why it works. You’re then shown how to set-up everything you’ll need in order to just get started and told to report back.

The Facebook group is where the reporting happens and see others doing it in real-time.

For me, this is more than enough for me to be enthused and move forward understanding affiliate marketing and SEO as a pure beginner.

I would see Greg post links in the Facebook Group regarding this and other additional add-ons for SEO AD.

I’ll admit, I slept on this one for a while.

Aside from the core course’s ability to get someone like me started from scratch, Domination Labs is perfect for beginner affiliate marketers.

I’m a visual learner for things like this, and Greg does a great job of putting together the tools and opening your eyes to the combinations presented along with the theory behind it.

I got it when it was offered and somehow let it sit for a while before taking action. That’s cardinal sin #1 by the way. I’m typically the type the deals with uncertainty by taking action.

That’s typically what I’d recommend, but sometimes we stray from taking action and we’re in a period of positioning ourselves. I’ll add my thoughts about that on the blog somewhere soon.

The cool thing about Domination Labs is it gives you something more valuable than the step by step coaching most people initially think they want. SEO AD does a good job of offerring that on its own tbh.

The more valuable factor is the ability to get inside of Greg’s mindset when he’s looking for opportunities to use the proven set of skills to extract money from the market.

Essentially you’re in a game of position and opportunity. If you’ve ever played board games such as Risk you’ll notice the difference.

CF Affiliate Domination

Learning what it takes to become a super affiliate at ClickFunnels specifically. This is particularly interesting as Greg Jeffries and ClickFunnels have become somewhat synonymous in affiliate circles.

So when he released his video course specific for ClickFunnels Affiliates I thought it would be an ultimate resource for that specifically.

Just like Domination Labs, CF Affiliate Domination is something that isn’t heavily promoted outside of the Facebook Group, but it’s gold for those needing starting points.

I never really put much into my ClickFunnels Affiliate efforts, but I definitely want to understand the strategy because I can use it for SamCart, a software I’ve personally used and been impressed with for some time now.

Exclusive Interviews

Screen Shot 2020 05 11 at 7.23.59 PM 2 scaled e1589243168458 1024x496 - SEO Affiliate Domination Review: Get Paid To Make It Work

Luckily, I established a personal relationship with Greg over time and had several conversations during that first 6 months. This is what my free course SEO Game is all about. I had a ton of newbie questions and it was great to be able to ask Greg those questions and trust the answers as opposed to learning from other neophytes.

It’s been a pleasure to be able to be in this space and basically coming off the bench for a winning team. I’m new, but around those veterans, I’m being rooted for and able to cement myself as an action-taker.

Trust me, you want a great rep amongst those that are actively earning rather than amongst other newbies.

This was a huge advantage, keeping me away from all the rabbit holes I could easily have went down without suggestion or guidance from those that are very successful.

Affiliate Marketing Niches

The landscape for Affiliate Marketing is very interesting and the ideal situation is exposure to the different angles rather than needing to experience it personally.

Additionally, you have a sounding board that will constantly be looking to poke holes and ask questions based on their niche of affiliate marketing.

The difference between this and learning from newbies that are all dependent on blogging for content and linking to Amazon Associates accounts (Pretty much WA’s approach).

You don’t know how big this world is until you’re around real examples. I wish I could have found the equivalent of SEO AD with Trading or Real Estate.

You’ll want to have the best starting points and advice from those that are far ahead of you.

As you’ll continue to hear me mention. Your keyword research will ultimately dictate how you approach your site, it’s categories, even the headlines.

I used to focus on pumping out content, now I know it’s more a balance of choosing the right keywords and offerring content to the viewer that really is bookmark worthy.

SEO Elite

His latest offering is a high-ticket exclusive training that builds on top of what I learned in SEO AD.

It first came available in January of 2021 and it’s an amazing combination of tips and tricks, interviews, and mastermind calls.

I noticed immediately the organization and the conciseness of the videos in the SEO AD Elite course is ahead of the curve compared to what I learned in the base SEO AD course. The cool thing about it was he clearly took the feedback that was given in the Facebook group and put it to use to make a process-driven course that offers new strategies and a better overall technical set-up. On top of that, the ability to scale increases significantly with the approaches and tools he recommends.

Creating A Plan

One of the biggest hurddles you will face have much more to do with the approach rather than the “doing”. SEO Affiliate Domination does a great job of laying out what you need to do in order to get results. If you’re like me, you’ll dig and start to find out why things work the way they do later.

I strongly suggest you check out the recommended tools section of this blog in order to get what you really need.

The key pieces of the puzzle early on where crucial in me even attempting to start.

You’ll learn quickly that there are tools you need just as an affiliate marketer in general, but also that there are tools specific to the strategy that SEO AD teaches.

This is key.

So, when I began building Blue Highlighted Text, I knew that I wanted to promote the course (because it really worked and I was living proof) I also was introduced to the world of blogging in this review style.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical that I’d be able to pull it off but I planned out the activity of the blog, the design, bought Thrive Themes along with Pretty Links, and I was on my way.

Little did I know, my understanding of content creation would need to be a bit different for an authority site rather than the mass page sites I was used to creating.

That’s a topic for another post, just know that your keyword research process should take precedent.

You will be able to systematically create content if you use the tools specific to SEO AD. However, you will stand out if you take the time to learn the difference between average keyword research and great keyword research.

My favorite resources for this blog (Blue Highlighted Text) has been the excel sheets from Project 24, the authority blogging course.


I’ve told Greg several times that his course was the best online teaching experience I’ve had thus far.

All visual with explanations included, his teaching style just makes you think and ask questions.

For some, that’s a source of anxiety, but if you are ambitious and willing to learn through trying you can execute and educate yourself through the Facebook Group along with your own direct experiences.

For me, it’s leaps and bounds beyond other courses I’ve taken since first starting this journey 3yrs ago.

I’d encourage you to check out the course first if you are brand-new in the journey, it will be challenging, but the satisfaction of playing up a level will give you insight and a sense of accomplishment that Wealthy Affiliate and Project 24 just don’t offer.

89 / 100

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