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One of the most game-changing concepts is the idea of combining skills to use SEO for affiliate marketing.

SEO is an internet marketing skill that emphasizes optimizing content for organic traffic from search engines. Combining that with affiliate marketing means you can earn commissions just by positioning offers correctly as you earn sales from organic traffic..

Although many mistake the traffic as free, earning organic traffic to your website means learning how to create valuable experiences for visitors once they click to your website.

But most importantly, a skill that is less common but highly profitable as you flip sites or otherwise create a cash flow for yourself through affiliate offers.

As an affiliate marketer, there is a disconnect between the offer heavy types that sell with reckless abandon and the prospect of finessing the sell through wisely building an asset that can stand the test of time.

It’s truly a tortoise vs. hare story

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Ask yourself, are you able to hold back the urge to move fast, shortcut the process, and lose because of your inability to stay consistent and patience?

I ask you, dear value reader, just as much as I ask myself this question.

Real Skill

I got started on this journey on accident, once arriving here I wouldn’t want any other traffic to be my mainstay.

I’ve spoken about Google Display Ads for affiliate marketing, and that makes perfect sense in some situations. But, SEO affiliate marketing is ideal for situations where you aren’t necessarily looking to present an offer immediately or where you have the intention of lifetime value.

I’ve seen some affiliates such as Anthony Sarandrea speak deeply on the power of segmenting visitors as you are processing them. Essentially adding them to the right list based on choices they make along the lead capture funnel.

if you like this, checkout the full version at the bottom of this post.

One day I was confronted with Greg Jeffries course SEO Affiliate Domination and I really wanted to see what it was all about.

Little did I know, it would offer me a way to explore a new opportunity while teaching me the foundation of SEO.

As you probably know, SEO is a skill that is vaguely understood by the masses, and largely misunderstood by potential clients of the service.

Adding that to the already enigmatic world of affiliate marketing and you have a recipe for confusion.

Luckily, I’ve been fortunate to understand different chucks of information and understand that what I discovered initially is the long game.

The Long Game

Standard SEO is all about process and design. You build your content a certain way, you optimize it for the search engines, you factor in page speed, you learn the plugins that help and the ones to avoid.

There is however an idea around affiliate marketing SEO that needs to be addressed. Because, affiliate marketing is usually associated with aggressively shoving offers in front of potential buyers. This whole SEO thing is akin to what a finger roll is compared to a slam dunk.

I guess Beanie’s style was more of a slam dunk
And my shit was more like a finger roll
” – Kanye West

I couldn’t help myself, sorry.

There is a component of SEO that allows you to get traffic, interact with traffic, build relationships, then and only then offer.

It’s a lot higher converting in theory (I suspect in actuality as well).

Playing in a space that others are neglecting is a recipe for success and longevity. You minimize your real competitors and simultaneously

SEO for Affiliate Marketing

Add these perceptions to the affiliate marketing world full of lambos and fast profits and you get a mixture of everyone knowing the truth, and many not wanting to accept the time it takes to build content, optimize for SEO, and rank well as a result.

It’s the perfect storm for winning at affiliate marketing.

Sometimes when you do the opposite of what everyone else is doing you stand out by bucking the trend and dominating an open space.

Check out my review of SEO Affiliate Domination where I give my take of what I learned.

Make no mistake, even if you use a paid traffic source you will need to add skill in order to get results.

Traffic is Universal

I’ve personally parlayed my experience in affiliate marketing into media buying jobs. I’m now doing the same with my SEO skillset.

One thing I’ve learned is that traffic is universal.

Just because we use SEO for affiliate marketing doesn’t mean that it’s only for that.

I came into my relationship with Google Analytics as an affiliate marketer just so I could use it for click tracking and understanding who was landing on my site.

I later found Pretty Links to be a better quick fix you can here about that experience here.

One Skill Leads To The Next

Like anything worth doing, affiliate marketing confronts us with the challenge of learning skills.

In my experience SEO led to link tracking. This curiosity forced me to take a course to learn Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Now I understand both and I understand my business a bit more than before.

To keep the theme of adding alive.

SEO AD introduced me to Google Search Console, but it wasn’t until after I had started earning about, 90 days later, that I would start using it regularly. A basic understanding of Google Search Console allowed me to not only keep track of what articles on my mass page sites were doing well, but also how to rank effectively on authority blogs.

Once you know what to improve, you have a chance at improving.

This was the exact thing that happened when I really started to do well with Share-A-Sale. I had a celebrity-driven keyword that made 1 sell, then I decided “Why don’t I go really hard with this radio host’s name and build content around it?” I did and I scored big time.

Looking back now, I’m even understanding why it worked. I was able to cross-reference my links in Share-A-Sale with GSC and find the opportunity to move forward with a product from someone (radio host) the visitor trusted, and make more sales in a couple weeks than I had in a few months at that point.

That’s when I was hooked, that’s when this whole SEO thing clicked.

What is SEO? What Does it Stand For?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is process that requires website design and content creation for the best opportunity to rank in search engines.

Understanding what goes into making a design optimal or lightweight and content that is dominant in how well it addresses certain queries in Google (or any other search engine you may be aiming at).

It’s a process that offers plenty to tweak and not much immediate feedback. Are you surprised that most affiliate marketers never learn SEO?

This is a huge edge for any affiliate marketer willing to learn SEO.

What is SEO Affiliate Marketing?

SEO Affiliate Marketing is using the skill of SEO to drive traffic for Affiliate Marketing offers. The biggest difference to note is that most affiliate marketers use paid traffic sources, SEO affiliate marketing assumes you are gaining traffic from organic sources so essentially the cost to convert is much cheaper and more sustainable in the long-term as a passive income option.

So instead of focusing on the sell of products to make a quick dollar, the idea is to make the best SEO optimize websites and content in order to earn organic traffic.

SEO traffic is free and the most viable as the user is deliberately choosing to be there.

Obviously, there are going to plenty of newbie pitfalls around earning money fast, but the lionshare of the profits are always going to go to the SEO affiliate that is building the best product.

Build it and They will Come

I’ve learned that building a site focused on specific traffic and mastering that skill is much more noteworthy than picking the perfect offer. In truth, you just won’t even have a chance to test offers unless you first have traffic. I ran into this early, the best use of time is definitely in building sites that have great content and ranking that content well because it is indeed exceptional.

Is SEO Better Than Paid Traffic

Of course we want to take action as soon as possible when presented with affiliate marketing.

One way to take it seriously is to put up marketing dollars and send traffic.

The problem with this is the all-to-common issue of high traffic, low sales.

Paid traffic loses when compared because by virtue, forfeiting organic first page ranking and being in the ad section of Google Search most people don’t click on those results. I sure don’t.

Additionally, a Facebook Ad interrupts casual browsing. I don’t want to hear about a product most of the time I’m on Facebook, and the Facebook Ads department knows this and charges a premium. Unfortunately, they also change the rules often.

Affiliate Marketing Search Engine

Recently I started to see the term Search Marketers thrown around. Really and truly, that’s all we are once we learn the skills of SEO. An SEO is someone who does much more than get traffic and rankings for organic traffic. They dig into the code, hosting, server, web design, etc. I’m trying to go deeper on the SEO side because better skills turn into better edge on the competition. But, in honesty my skill isn’t broad enough to be considered an SEO, I really am a Search Marketer at this point.

Focusing on functionality over becoming this big bad SEO. I feel that my initial training at SEO AD actually led me in the right direction to know enough to be a solid affiliate.

It’s good to know that if you want to take it further you can, the approach is the same across the board in affiliate marketing.

You’ll want to identify and categorize different skills such as:

  • Affiliate SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Display Advertising (Google and Native)
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing

And that’s just what I’ve discovered so far. The rabbit hole is deep, it’s somewhat like boxing in which you can drive yourself insane trying to prepare for the different aspects of the game.

You can get away with having holes in your game until you reach the higher tiers of competition.

Consider what Anthony Sarandrea says about his approach to lead generation below:

82 / 100

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