SERP Features in Layman’s Terms


Something new and interesting that I’ve come across are SERP Features. I decided to create a Google My Business account for Project Newsense in order to take advantage of the local listing SERP feature.

I’m working as a marketing manager for a local event planner here in Austin now, and came to realize pretty quickly that being included on local lists is an easy way to land on the first page of Google.

All the cool kids are doing it, you should consider using some of these tactics to rank and insert your authority site into the conversation.

Different SERP Features

The SERP Feature world is made up of a few different types. Loosely, in order of how often I see them as a user here they are:

  • Answer Cards
  • People Also Ask
  • Local Listings
  • Video Box
  • Video Cards
  • Product Listed Ads
  • Top Stories
  • Maps
  • Site Links
  • Knowledge Panel
  • App Packs
  • Finance
  • Carousel
  • Video Links
  • Classic Links
  • Sports Results
  • Twitter Cards

The SEO game has been Checkers turned into Chess


After some experimenting, I’d find out that there are several ways to land above the organic SERP listings and therefore get on the first page and at the top of the page (hopefully) based on positioning my content successfully.

It’s an art, and I plan on learning from the fellas over at Income School’s YouTube channel to get better at this whole authority thing and learning to actually write content that has a higher likelihood of becoming a part of the SERP feature.

Although there isn’t a specific video that covers the importance of focusing on researching your approach before creating content. I trust Income School and I’m closely following their suggestions below especially #6 as time stamped below:

If you want to consider taking their course check out Income School.

Blogging for SERP Features?

It’s been an interesting road thus far, and I guess access to now take advantage of positioning my content is largely a side-effect to creating the content in the first place. Aside from positioning the content, the research of the content plays a larger role each and every time I circle back to understand what the leading blogs have done to dominate the niche I’m in.

The truth is, I definitely got started without knowing SERP feature, or position 0, was an option. The SEO game has been Checkers turned into Chess as I realized that not only can I improve how I write over time, but how I position it and research the keywords surrounding my subject matter.

Aside from learning about mass page sites and the specific strategy and tools needed through SEO Affiliate Domination, I wasn’t entire sure how search engines worked or how I could grab significant traffic just by being clever and steadfast in how I researched and put together content resources.

The guys over at Income School even teach about how they built content after studying the SERP Feature intensively. It’s awesome to see that you do have a shot at taking advantage of prime real estate, the same place Google Text Ads would typically go, without paying a penny.

Let the guy from Keywords Everywhere explain.

Types of SERP Features

SERP Feature Key Pi Datametrics - SERP Features in Layman's Terms

Rich Snippet

Stand out just a little bit with a visual element or the answer to a question as your differentiating factor. The best way to do this is to create a Google My Business account.

Knowledge Panel

Data in panels or boxes. Try googling your favorite celebrities age or net worth and you’ll see what I mean. Yep, people are really curious (i.e. nosey).

Ad Listings

Blue highlighted text towards the top of the search. Many (including myself) don’t bother to click. They used to be in their own box, but Google has begun to camouflage these better and better. The best guess is that many users are skipping paid placements, I mean we all are conditioned to identify ads pretty easily.

Local Listings

Google Maps populates along with photos, ratings, and pricing for certain types (e.g. hotels). This is a gamechanger for small business owners. I think it’s the single best way to get our new version of “walk-in traffic”. I’ve even set up my own project Sweep ATX in order to learn and tweak this process.

Video Listings

Just about anytime you Google something that starts “How to” it may seem that the first listings are videos. This is because Google is all about creating the best experience for the user. I mean, they want everyone to use their search engine rather than Bing or some other services.

Image Pack

One of the SERP features I come across often, (partially due to my noun heavy queries) the image pack shows photos of what you’re searching to then entice you to click quickly on what you’re looking for.

I’m still learning to tag my images and rename downloaded images. But, I plan on using my newfound knowledge of the Image Pack SERP Feature to better inform my approach.

This is the name of the game for affiliate marketing in 2020.

Fresh Listings

How often do you see Affiliate Marketers including the year in their blog title? It’s because fresh listings can give their content a boost.

Reviews, news, and things that are more time-sensitive all fall into the category.

This is super interesting and seems to be easier to rank in than other SERP features. Notice it next time you are looking for a software review. People in our space are privy to the game, but it’s such a great hack I can’t help but applaud smart content creators for getting these placements through a simple addition.

News Box

A type of fresh listing but typically dominated by News sites although lately Reddit and a few other sites have begun to rank as well.

This can be awesome for quick updates, depending on your niche you can definitely take advantage of this.

I did it with entertainment based posts a year ago. This seems to be a race for first place, you can probably do well with news that either isn’t being covered on news, or at least only compete with local news.

Product Listing Ads

No real way to compete here other than to run ads, I have a theory around running google ads as an affiliate using branded search, but is that really how you want to get leads? Disrupting an experience? This isn’t as powerful as it once was, this is why I made this post.

Even with branded search, it’s such a better play to focus on great content that attracts first visits, and remarketing using search.

If you have a product page on your site, you can architect the product title and description in order to get placements.

Further Observation

As I started to research keywords live for this article, I started to realize a fringe benefit of understanding the SERP is that you’ll discern between which long-tail keywords to focus on and which you should maybe consider at a later date once you have sufficient momentum to take on. I adapted this approach from what Project 24 taught me about authority blogging.

The SERP feature is definitely a smart addition by Google’s team and gets to the root of what most people really want out of Google.

Quick Answers.

With most of us using Google on mobile for practical questions, the SERP feature seems like it’s going to evolve into voice search (if it hasn’t already) and provide a ton of value in the coming ways that we’ll be interacting with our laptops and mobile devices.

93 / 100

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