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I built my first 5 blogs through what I learned from SEO Affiliate Domination. I found amazing content in the course, and it was one of those moments where a world opens up to you ya know?

I didn’t quite understand the execution part, but I totally was sold on the theories and the strategies. The course was conducive to getting started quickly and trying what was being taught. Fast forward a couple months and I was kind of worried about progress when I got my first order seemingly out of nowhere. Although I was told multiple times that the orders start pouring in around the 90 day mark, I was still surprised and excited when it finally happened for me. I had not previously made any money as an affiliate online, so this was huge to me that I could position my content, not a store, not a service, and get paid handsomely.

What it Really Takes

I went into hyperdrive and just created even more content to hopefully get even more sales. This didn’t happen though. I had a breakthrough, but I wasn’t really on the other side of the hump. I knew I still had more to learn, so I dove into teachings on understanding Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This put me on a path to YouTube Google Analytics videos so I could get even better at the task. Affiliate marketing is all about positioning yourself through doing more than the average. It’s a constant learning, tweaking, testing, and improving that stands in the way of you actually making good money with affiliate marketing or struggling and settling on mediocre after trying but not really getting to the heart of it. I even stagnated in this way and now I’m realizing that the power is in perfecting the process

What the Process Looks Like

  • Research

One of my biggest disappointments with Wealthy Affiliate has been this area. They do provide a tool in Jaaxy and also some thought process behind its use. But, the route they highlight is largely flawed in it’s effectiveness.

  • Test

Aside from research, Wealthy Affiliate misses the process of testing the market entirely. This is what happens when you go the bargain route, which is fine, I’m just here to tell you what you’re missing.

  • Create

This section could be called implementation but I wanted to call it create instead because that seems a little more inspiring. You have to put this stuff in action. Often it’s before you feel you’re ready. But, your #1 job is to start the experiment. Test your ideas, then go change a variable and test again.

  • Observe

On multiple occasions I’ve been told that this game goes from 0 to 100 real quick. So I’ve been focused on the process of developing my skill in putting out content so: A) I can have a shot at results. B) I can test theories and ideas as they come. This is around the time that you should be indexed and submitted to Google. Those steps alone make a huge difference as you can see which keywords are working on an impressions level as well as click through.

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