Shopify Store Cleaning: Before Spring Cleaning Prepare for Black Friday and Christmas

Spring and better weather are awaited in North America by most people after a cold winter and lots of snowfall.

The age-old tradition of Spring cleaning has always had it’s place culturally.

But what if I told you that Fall is an even better time to get your affairs in order if you are a Shopify store owner.

With the holidays right around the corner and many ramping up ad spend in order to stay competitive, it’s a good time to not only get your store in order but also assure the best conversion data is passing through to Google Analytics and ad platforms.

This is a great opportunity to review and update your business. Shopify store cleaning is a real deep dive into what is working as well as what may need to be fixed or updated.

Shopify store cleaning

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, or what your “spring” is, it is always a good idea to take some time to update, review and clean out your business at least once per year.

Marketing campaigns can also be leveraged in spring.

Shopify theme update

It doesn’t matter what season it may be, it’s a good idea keep your Shopify theme current and to check if it’s the most recent.

Users can benefit from our exclusive Shopify theme update feature by using our Shopify theme updater app.

Other spring cleaning ideas

You can also do a quick “spring cleaning” in many areas of your business, including the theme.

  • Compare your top-selling products with your lowest performing ones. Compare the product pages, including descriptions and imagery. See if there are any differences. You can replace the less-performing items with replacement content if necessary.
  • Clean up inactive subscribers or confirm that your contacts still want to hear from you. This will not only save you money on your email marketing, but it also allows you to re-engage subscribers by offering them a special deal or the most recent news from your store.
  • Update any audience lists that you have on advertising platforms, if applicable, to reflect your updated email lists. This is a great time to update your audiences if they haven’t been updated recently. Also, create suppression lists to stop contacts who don’t match your marketing profile from viewing your advertising.
  • Check the list of active discount code and ensure that there are no expired ones. It’s better to disable than delete discount codes to ensure that you have the analytics associated with them.
  • You should review your tax and shipping settings regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes in tax structures or duties as well as any increases in shipping prices by your provider.
  • You should also review your products and collection to ensure that you are still selling what you claim. Sometimes disabling a product is a better option than deleting it. Consider removing any collections that are not being used.
  • Audit all apps in your store. Turbo users can check to see whether they are able to replace any apps that have built in features. This will allow you to save money. You should uninstall all apps you don’t use. Also, make sure you check the website of the app developer for any additional steps beyond removing the app form your dashboard.

There are many ways to spring clean Shopify.

Shopify spring cleaning is not the only thing I recommend to store owners.

  • Your workspace should be cleaned. You can sort through the piles of papers around your workspace and recycle any that are no longer necessary. To reduce physical clutter, digitize any papers you don’t need.
  • If you are like me, after you can see your desk, clean it with a household cleaner.
  • Wipe your devices, including tablets, phone and laptop. Make sure you only use approved cleaning products for electronics. Bleach and ammonia are not recommended. It can be quite surprising how quickly these devices become dirty due to their high use.

Although this cleaning is not as fun as developing products, marketing campaigns, or selling, it is a good idea.

You can also do “digital spring cleaning.”

  • Check your files and make sure you delete duplicates or files that aren’t needed. You may still want to save a file because storage is cheap and many files can be stored.
  • If your operating system supports tags, make sure files are properly organized in folders.
  • You may want to permanently delete emails that contain data that isn’t stored with your email service provider if you don’t have unlimited storage. Shopify’s order notifications emails can be deleted, as this information is stored in your store backend. It might surprise you, especially if your store is large, how much space these emails take up in your account.
  • Spring is a great time to organize and clean out any warehouse or physical store you own. You may also need to count inventory depending on the business.
  • Double-check that your organization system is properly set up, digital or physical, for essential documents such as taxes, accounting, and legal documentation. These records should also be complete.

Even though this isn’t spring cleaning per se it’s a great time to double-check that all your files are being backed up somewhere.

  • Backups are essential in the event that one of your devices is damaged or lost. If you lose important data, it can be disastrous to run a business without backups.
  • You might not need to back everything up if you run out of storage on your cloud service.
  • Apple users may find that their Downloads folder or Desktop is being backed-up to iCloud. However, these locations often contain a random assortment of files that don’t need to be backed-up.

It is also a good time to change your passwords, and make sure you use one that is highly secure.

Spring Promotions and Marketing

A fun marketing campaign can be made with the “Spring” cleaning theme, or any other term you choose.

  • A “warehouse spring cleaning” (or “inventory clear out”) campaign is the most obvious marketing strategy. Take a look at your inventory, and consider lowering the prices for items that aren’t moving. Link your email marketing, social media and other efforts to a collection.
  • If you don’t want to adjust prices, or want to sweeten or discount the price, you can link a coupon code to the collection or to specific products.
  • Consider highlighting items that shoppers could use to spring clean their homes, figuratively or literally. You can also create a collection and link to these items from different places. If you wish, you could even offer a discount.

It is possible to create collections or sell products based on a range of spring holidays and themes.

  • You might consider highlighting products that communicate the idea of “freshness”, “green” or “spring” — literally or metaphorically. It is also worth noting items that are inspired by nature and floral arrangements.
  • Depending on where you live, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are great times to sell or promote your products, especially if they are closely tied to these holidays.
  • You should remember that even though you may not sell holiday-related products, you can still be creative. For example, you could promote products in green for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter basket gifts.
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