Sleepless Nights


I put myself in a compromising position. When I set out to be independent I put myself on “Death Groud” one of the strategies covered in my all-time favorite book Robert Greene’s 33 Strategies of War. I was undercapitalized, trading options, paying 3k/month for an apartment downtown, and trying to start a Shopify store. A year and a half later I’m scraping by and up at 3am in the New Year writing this post to build a site that I believe can push me over the top.


There’s a point where you watch a ton of motivational videos, and read several text telling you to sacrifice and hustle, then you start to really get it. You start to understand that indeed something is given in order for finances to be gained. For me, I looked back at my life to realize that I reached a level of mastery in my forex trading through constant and relentless drive. I came up through hours spent analyzing and backtesting. I identified this as a necessary route forward largely because it was the thing I didn’t want to do. I kept avoiding more frequently and blatantly as time went on.

Now Is The Time

So I knew that it was time for a sleepless night, I knew that I’ve avoided working when I didn’t want to work. You see, my day consists of me working on this blog, writing content, training through Wealthy Affiliate and the like. But, I haven’t pushed myself to this extreme yet, to wake-up and work on this site like I once regularly did with trading.

When You Sacrifice Correctly, It Has A Profound Effect

My trading leveled up because of my willingness to sacrifice sleep and sanity for that period of time back then. I currently sacrifice my social life fully and I think I’m slightly off target. I believe we all work differently, and my sacrifice of sleep means I’m able to push the margin on my productivity and push this blogging thing over the edge.

This Isn’t What They Call Hustling

I’m anti-hustle. I’ve always been a consistent worker, but I don’t think being a “hard” worker or hustler is as good an answer as our internet society makes it out to be. I think that you want longevity in most endeavors and that means good work that is consistent. Finding that sweet spot has really been my journey. When I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate I was very skeptical and didn’t believe the system would add to the knowledge of SEO Affiliate Domination. Boy was I wrong, after creating 5 WordPress blog sites and earning my first commission via Share-A-Sale, I was on my way and I knew it. What really flipped me upside down was that now I would find a better way to pinpoint why I had succeeded in the first place.


The tools are out there, they’ve been there and this is why I can give away the compass while still having the ability to earn a living. There is a price, the same price that has you continue reading my blog instead of get started with one of the courses I’ve highlighted or some other tool that you prefer. I’d rather have you in the comment section posting about how you’ve used the methods I speak about in this blog, rather than rack up commissions off of the courses I’ve taken. I’ll never assume that the way I’m finding is the only way, I will tell you that procrastination is a huge problem in this profession. I think I can help on that front if nothing else.

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