Staying in the Zone


I absolutely love writing this blog when I’m really feeling it. Most of the time it’s an insight that I feel will propel me forward. I write it from my own perspective and realize that we have more in common than we have different. This constant searching for an angle that will lead to commission skyrocketing takes a bit of a toll on creativity.

That said, no this isn’t an art project, (or is it?) but you do benefit from developing and building a story around which you can write from a perspective that is uniquely your own. I think of it like a master violinist, a carpenter, an author. Really you have to put in the reps to get comfortable with the basics, but after a while this stuff is on autopilot and your soul can really speak to it. My best work happens on the subconscious level. I’ve written entire chapters in which I don’t remember writing them after the fact. I really am able to reach a state in which I “blackout”. To be completely transparent, there are quite a few of the posts on this blog which I don’t remember penning at all.

I love this, I’m most vulnerable when the filter disappears and I can offer true insight into the journey.

It sucks when work becomes work, we all know it can be so much more.

Who’s your favorite marketer?


Why can’t you create something as enjoyable and genius as them?

Do you really only want to do this for money?

Realize that beautiful things make money. It’s all about creating something that is more considerate to earn your customers/users/followers.

I’ve become obsessed with the idea of controlling this flow state and now I’m definitely experimenting with ways to stay on top of my creativity, output, and value as a content creator (not just a blogger).

It’s that next level that Greg often mentions. There’s a huge opportunity in going the extra mile. We all know it, but I think we also struggle when the exact action isn’t apparent.

There is some digging.

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