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Ok so I hope my friend Greg Jefferies doesn’t kill me for posting this, but I think he’ll understand regardless. I love his course, it was a chance encounter at IMP that I met him. We talked about trading initially. I was posting photos of positions I’d taken and captioning my thought process for each. He seemed like a cool cat with a genuine interest in what I was doing, we became fast friends. Fast forward about a month and I reach out to him to learn more about SEO AD and he suggest I take the course and learn the skillset. I did, and I noticed immediately how thorough and technical he would get in his delivery. He was using all visual content for his course, so that made it a lot easier to listen to in the background while I attempted to apply what he spoke on. After a while, and a few weekly community calls, I was finally up and rolling getting clicks and immersing myself in this world. Let me tell you, I have a curious and inquisitive learning style, so this was huge for me and allowed me to really stumble upon new and better ways to make my sites thrive. I admit that it took my months to get my first sale, but after that each commission came with relative difficulty.

I was thinking more along the lines of how the puzzle fit. I didn’t care about word count anymore, or ranking necessarily. I was so much more focused on pinpointing why that first sale happened and with much thought I was able to finally crack the code.

The point of this story isn’t to give you a strategy that I used to make my next couple sale on the same product, keyword, and content. But more to let you know that like any business, this world too is multi-dimensional.

I picked up on the tactics before I truly understood the strategy. SEO AD is super solid for both, but like any newbie, I was most concerned about getting 1 sale not a string of sales or setting the stage for the best customer experience. This cracks me up looking back, but it also taught me a lesson that is devoid in WA. You can make money inconsistently and work very hard for it. Or you can work hard for starting points only to go very deep once you identify potential.


I do value both programs, and I’m sure I’ll value others later. But, I do believe that understanding the technical aspects of SEO through SEO Affiliate Domination gives you a chance to gain and sharpen a skillset while you then go back and understand the fundamentals of consumer behavior. For me, it gave me a deeper understanding of why having a skill acts as a barrier to entry for competition, and also that combining it with sound fundamentals you can really find ways to dominate.

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