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At this time I haven’t yet gotten paid through BHT on any of the affiliate services or courses I’ve been promoting. I’ve written 100 post and published 80+ blog posts, and still hardly even registering on the Google Search Console. This is normal but not acceptable for me so I’m now seeking a better way to do this. Admittedly I’m frustrated, but I’m also making sales on my first couple blogs as they trickle in with sales from blogs that are about a week old. This is a critical time in the development of my journey and I’m sure close study of this will lead to a huge amount of value for other beginners out there.

Plan B

The next step for me is to use SEO AD’s approach to finding traction. Up until this point I’ve adhered to strict authority blogging methods similar to what is taught at WA. So in other words it’s time to go gray hat to really get some traction and then switch back to white primarily. You might be reading this and thinking, “but how do you do that?” Well, like most of what happens in this field there’s a measure of uncertainty that will creep in and discourage you testing. But remember, testing is the cornerstone of any great affiliate marketer.

Intelligent Probing

I’m actually excited to put more hooks in the water as Greg likes to call it. I think this will be a classic example of what it is to use testing to find the exact topics that gain traction. It’s a layer deeper than that of just putting out content and hoping Google finds you, it’s also deeper than throwing shit on the wall and seeing what may stick. I think this is where my training from SEO AD really has shined through and doubled my resolve so that I not only want to test and find a path forward, but has proven itself worth the effort time and time again. I struggled here for years, trying without achieving. I feel fully committed to the awareness I’ve been missing. The use of intelligent probing in order to direct the energy, the constant search was finally met with a remedy.

Spending on Software

In understanding what needed to happen over the next few months for BHT to take off, I started to realize that my old ideas around bootstrapping were broken too. This was a tough one as I took pride in the idea that I could somehow rise to the occasion through sheer will and mental fortitude. Some need to succeed in this way was ingrained as I began to make my plans for the uncertain future of affiliate marketing. It took me 1.5 years of struggle before I would reluctantly accept my fate as someone needing to reevaluate what it was that I needed. I feel I’ve finally uncovered the fundamentals of what was really needed this whole time to succeed.

I invite you to join our community. There’s an opportunity to grow organically through accepting that uncertainty is a part of all our journeys, but together we can test and find routes that work.

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