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Amazing content on the blog portion of WA. By comparison, SEO AD has a ton of value in its Facebook Group and the email newsletter that comes out from time to time. Greg Jefferies is super active in the community and often emails special offers or tools to consider. This alone is a level of connectedness that isn’t common amongst other programs.

Build Value Not The Blog

Do more with what you offer, for us it’s the “blog routine” PDF. I’m not only identifying with many that have recently started and not made a commission yet, but I’m also able to identify with those that have earned some commission but looking to earn more. Value also exists as I create more content and deepen the ratio between what I provide and what I ask. I’ve been experimenting with this mostly as an extension of what I’d like to do eventually with an private community that exists outside of the major social networks. I was first inspired by Ryan Lee’s course FREEDYM. It was the first online membership regarding entrepreneurship I had ever joined and turned out to be an absolute gem in terms of value and how I should later build my businesses. It took me a while, but now as I rebuild my first ecom store, I realize that it’s time to focus on that alone.

Ignore The Shortcuts, Standout in a Good Way

There’s a devil on my shoulder each time I sit down and crack open the laptop. I can definitely do the least amount of work and create profit, or I can focus on intently on creating a strong business. What it really means to create a business is all about creating fans instead of one-time customers. In other words if I’m only able to interact once with that customer, they have no more Lifetime Value (LTV). This is almost worthless and no way to build a real sustainable business. I’m here to go against the grain and admit that I believe in actually having the same people that visit your blog and click on you affiliate deals to not only be nurtured, but followed up with after the sale.

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