The Importance of a Journey


I realized today that I really needed to humanize the whole SEO, link, affiliate game.

I mean I really was dreading writing this mostly because I’ve read reviews and I know how they can be. I know they can be extremely long and non-personal.

Basically the format is this:

  1. Here’s my opinion
  2. Here’s my link
  3. Here’s some reassurance

There’s a lot more to it if you’re choosing to connect with people though.

I don’t really care which way you choose to go on any of the courses that I’ve personally taken. But, I made a point to only write about the courses I’ve taken and offer an outlook on the tools I’ve used. That’s really about it. This is a journal of sorts. Yesterday I only went through 1 course as I’ve noticed it getting a little boring, but that’s neither here nor there. I have noticed that in this chosen niche of SEO grand wizardry, there isn’t really much emphasis on making content that is more on the lighthearted or entertaining side. Obviously, I prefer this no BS style of learning as well, but hammering away day after day flooded with info can be alot for those uninitiated. The info is important, but the journey aspect is overlooked I think. Not like gamification, more like acknowledgment from self. So I don’t want to get all WooWoo on you, but I believe that when you’re able to go into any business knowing that growth will happen, knowing that your first way isn’t always the best way, knowing you’ll need to upgrade skills and equipment.

For so many, they are completely stuck on failure. Others never get started.

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