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I bought a Thrive Themes membership a week ago and now I’m ecstatic about the decision. I was hesitant, afraid, and overall protective of my momentum up until that point.

I spent over $200 for the annual membership, held my breath, and started diving into the product as soon as the delivery email came in.

My Thrive Themes membership was one of the first things I did to invest into my affiliate marketing career as a newbie.

I was sporadically making sales on Share-A-Sale through the strategy taught in Greg’s course and I was in desparate need of consistency and predictability.

I took the authority route introduced through Wealthy Affiliate and ran with it. 1yr later, it was easily one of the best decisions I made early on in my journey. Without it, I definitely would not have grown as an affiliate.

It’s so alarming that I’m annoyed by my previous ways of bootstrapping unnecessarily. For some reason we all come into these opportunities wanting to make millions without investing a single dollar.

The quicker you get over that, the quicker you get to realistic expectations around what it takes to be good enough at your craft to make a living.

Why do we slow down our progress? What is it about buying the necessary tools? In this article I’m going to discuss some of the pros and cons of Thrive Themes, but also if you happen to be in a spot similar to what I was, maybe this is a big purchase for your toolkit and you want to be sure you’re getting what you want out of the subscription.

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Keep reading, I’ve got some experiences and thoughts I’d like to share.

Check out the Table of Contents for your convenience.

Thrive Themes for Authority Blogging

Thrive Themes was my first paid tool I bought as an affiliate marketer.

I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate as a suggestion from my friend and mentor Greg Jeffries.

I left that course with a much better feel for what it is to be an authority blogger.

This very blog was born, and I began creating content without very much understanding around on-page SEO, lead generation, or A/B testing.

Of course, I bought the SEO AD course and a couple of necessary plugins that were recommended at the time. But, that was for mass page stuff. This was an entirely new ballgame.

This is the piece of the puzzle that I wish I could have told myself last August when I started. My approach would have been a hybrid of what I’ve learned in SEO AD and what I now know to be best practice for authority blogging. In fact these recommend tools are the core of my business today and I use them all in some capacity during this journey.

On top of the fact that I reached a new level of commitment just by putting money into my affiliate business.

The beginner’s mentality is of getting without giving, but money is a byproduct of doing the work and investing in craft to get the desired result as an outcome.

Seriously, you need to be in it for the long-haul. Affiliate Marketing is nothing more than a combination of skills orchestrated successfully.

I also felt a new sense of determination and confidence that I had done what was necessary to make my business work.

I started to let go of the tactics and focused more on the user experience while making something that I was proud of.

I chose a niche, I new that no one was truly addressing this beginner segment from the trenches.

Meaning, I’m an beginner affiliate that serves other affiliates that haven’t made more than $1,000. I’ve slightly exceeded that amount at this point, but I remember, I know what it is to struggle with getting started.

It’s still fresh in my mind.

Why Thrive Themes

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I think we all get hung up on hoping to earn money with little to no start-up cost. Although this is somewhat true, my counter-argument is; Finding the right couple tools could drastically cut the learning curve while also not being TOO expensive for those on a limited budget.

I got Thrive Themes entire suite of tools for a little more than $200.

They also have a monthly payment option that’s $30/month.

Why Should I Invest in Thrive Themes?

One of the biggest breakthroughs was in testing.

At the time of first purchasing Thrive Themes, I didn’t even consider A/B testing anything. My mindset back then was to just keyword research and putting out content.

I thought A/B testing was too far advanced for my level, (I was right, but not in the way I assumed) but all I needed was the right tool to make it much more approachable.

The key features that later became game-changers were:

  • Headline Tester
  • Lead Gen (Pop-up)
  • Live Chat (Through Gist not Thrive Themes)
  • Quizzes
  • Thrive Apprentice (Course hosting)

The list of features they offer in the subscription is longer but I can’t really speak on anything I didn’t use extensively.

The usefulness of just about any tool you’ll buy is more important than having it but not using it.

Speaking of…

Stuck on Treadmill

I was being negligent (lazy) but it wasn’t that I wasn’t doing the work every day. I was being mentally lazy by not finding ways to do what I was doing better.

I was stuck running in place without any real improvement. Even worse, I was making money.

The problem with this approach to your work is that you never really understand how to troubleshoot your process.

Earning means you are winning though right?

Not necessarily.

I took this from trading, but my idea is that you should be able to “score at will” rather than merely get lucky.

The process overall reminded me that the website visitor is a real person. I’ll say that it introduced me to better WP themes, list building, basic web design, and info products. As a result of buying a Thrive Themes membership, I ended up creating SEO Game, my first course which consists of several interviews I had with my buddy and super affiliate Greg Jeffries.

Either way, there is a barrier between the amateur and those able to make $100s daily. I’m still trying to crack that code. But, I feel as though I at least have taken a step in that direction by investing in Thrive Themes.

And don’t get me wrong, you can invest in something else, but on this blog I only promote software I actually use currently or have used. That includes that paid version of each tool I’m promoting to you.

It’s important to actually give sound advice in this way. I want this to make you money so you come back and spend or work with me in the future. Again, it’s all about that long game.

I’m not sure if this software stack will be the answer for you, the cool thing is I’ve gotten to the point where I realize that success in affiliate marketing is a combination of things that shortcut the learning curve.

If you’re clever enough to find the puzzle pieces and put them in order, you can definitely do it on your own. I’m looking for a best way to approach the game.

Thrive Themes Plugin Line-up

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Thirve Architect

Essentially Thrive’s take on a landing page. Easy to manipulate and spruce up, it could be a go to for an affiliate that wants to test pre-landers for any offer or just plain old lead gen.

Thrive Apprentice

I built my first course as a result of Thrive Apprentice. The first few weeks after purchasing Thrive Themes membership, I was actually more interested in using Thrive Architect to build landing pages and begin building my list.

After spending some time in their blog, I came across an offer for an info product that taught how to create online courses and host them through Thrive Apprentice. I charged ahead and complied a few Zoom interviews to give away some nuggets of knowledge.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

I use this tool still. It A/B tests headlines for you automatically. I love this because you can actually test several headlines and wait for the results to roll in.

They do a great job of gamification and the whole interface feels like a leaderboard or something.

Thrive Quiz Builder

I went to a local meet-up that had Ryan Levesque, the author of Ask. He went on and on about the power of using quizzes to segment visitors before they ultimately reach your list.

I thought it was genius and went on to later that night try my hand at creating quizzes that mimicked his style.

You may have taken one of mine, in a since defunct page that could have probably worked had I spent more time iterating.

I was over it in about a month, maybe I should revisit it soon though.

Thrive Clever Widgets

I was obsessed with widgets early on with my mass page sites.

I later opted to not use them for the sake of page speed, but I’ve gotten that where it needs to be and might try again with my newfound configuration and confidence that I can correct course if my site reaches a snail’s pace again.

Thrive Ultimatum

I didn’t personally use it much, but this is a countdown timer for the landing pages you’ll build. I think it’s a bit cheezy to use in 2020 but who am I?

It’s all about urgency, maybe I should experiment with it soon. We’ll see.

Maybe test it and see if it works for your different audiences, you can easily set-up A/B tests.

Thrive Leads

Spent a ton of time building out tests and lead capture widgets of all types you are already familar with. This acts as the center point for pop-ups, banners, widgets just for lead gen. They have quite a few fancy animations but the place they shine the most is in the testing department.

I integrated my Thrive Leads with ConverKit to seamlessly add users and start the email sequences.

Anyone who has ever had a broken version of this feels my pain when it comes to downloading, then uploading excel lists, formatting, cleaning, damn I just got a headache.

Thrive Leads might be worth this part alone.


Like I mentioned in the above section on Thrive Widgets, this suite of plugins will slow down your site tremendously. You might want to pay attention to this and understand the elements that go into it. There’s always a way around having a slow site, I’m not quite sure if Thrive Themes and it’s suite of plug-ins can exist alongside it.

For now, I’m using some of the plugins and deleting others. My site speed and ranking is up from the time prior as a result.


Thrive Themes is definitely a level up for any beginner or intermediate level affiliate marketer. However, the tools aren’t perfect so don’t expect to not go through a learning phase.

This is ideal for the marketer looking to create a user experience worth noting and take their engagement and sales to a higher level as a result.

It was the first real tool I invested in, and I feel that my dedication and determination to make the investment worth it allowed me to find a better way forward at a time that I was just throwing content out there and just getting lucky rather than planning and executing. Stagnation is a huge part of the affiliate game, tools like Thrive Themes give you fresh perspective when it’s needed most.

I discovered Thrive Themes months before I would finally pull the trigger. After stagnating in my business for the better part of a year it acted as a catalyst at a time when I could have easily walked away from blogging and given in to the uncertainty that we’ve all faced at times when looking for some form of rhyme or reason in earning as an hen I was stagnating a bit in my approach to this whole affiliate marketing game.

92 / 100

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