Understanding The Cycle


Everything works in cycles, look at nature if you don’t believe me. Similarly, this affiliate marketing stuff is one of planting and harvesting. You’ve got to sow good seed, and that starts with planning. I know, I know – It’s not the popular sentiment of grinding, hustling, or hard work. It’s a more elegant approach, but one equally as difficult to master. If you can focus on consistency, your work will become an extension of you and the posts will seem to write themselves. I’m sitting down right now to write this just before going and enjoying a Super Bowl party (I’m not big on football, but I do like a good party). I realize that this is one of a few posts I’ll write and no more important or difficult to put together as my best work.

I’ve gained recognition, literally people coming up to me and telling me, they are fans of my work, on posts that took all of 15mins. I’ve written some of my most profound pieces on the back of consistency not hard work. I’m a writer. You may not be that, but maybe you can say “I’m a marketer.” The work isn’t hard, let’s be real, we sit and push keys all day for a living. It’s hardly hard work. It does require deep thought, and focused work, but that’s not what’s glorified is it?

I love the idea that if I put in the effort to create content as a blogger, I will eventually find an avenue that produces results. I saw this happen with Meditation Life recently. I logged into a neglected Pinterest account to find out that my page had 2million monthly visits. Absolutely amazing how none of them bought lol. That’s another point, creating traffic was once one of my most difficult tasks. I didn’t know where to get it, and I was very confused as to how to pay for good traffic. Over the course of a year I’m finding and utilizing best practices around organic traffic. This idea that you can just figure it all out quickly is misinformed. I think as an affiliate you can start your journey of making money online at an advantage. You can see how much goes into the traffic side and then move your attention over to the offer side. With the landing pages, the sales copy, the offer itself, the checkout process, etc. There’s clearly a lot to learn and master. Through going into this thought process, it’s allowed me to understand how much there is to pay attention to (i.e. test).

Start Where You Can Master

The traffic side of the equation is a great place to fully grasp early. This idea that money can be made online is hard to wrap your head around especially if you’re not using a high-traffic platform in order to sell on. The idea that I could build a website from scratch and drive traffic to it for free was very difficult for me to accept at first. However, over time I tried and succeeded and now I don’t feel intimidated at all over the prospect. This could be very useful if you want to bring on a paid monthly client in an ad agency type of situation. Otherwise, it’s the cornerstone of getting into position for offering your traffic something you feel they would want.

Selling the Offer

It’s an entirely different task to sell the offer once traffic is there. This is why Amazon is preferred for many as a selling platform. The familiarity in formatting and ease of ordering really factor into the user experience. I’m starting to accept that this was a broken process with my first attempt Meditation Life. I also know that fewer and fewer brands are truly up to the task of creating and presenting an offer that is built from scratch.

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