Unemployment Benefits


I made the dreaded call. I was resistant to it throughout a rollercoaster of a career and finally decided to give them a call and get on with my job search and relieve the pressure. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, after sitting on hold for 15mins. The operator finally appeared and took all my information and dates of employment. I’d been slugging it out, burning through my savings and attempting to parlay mild success into greater success as I traded options during the mornings and worked on Meditation Life in the evenings and into the night on most occasions. I had finally made it into “Entrepreneurship” I felt free, I felt certain that I could achieve independence in my financial life soon as I soaked up the location freedom I already had. I remember those days, still having a lease to ride out for 6 more months and fresh off of an expensive vacation, it was hardly the time to go independent. My stubborn pride had me believe that I could just slug it out indie and so I went for it. I started trading options and building Meditation Life. I had hired 2 coaches the previous month, so I was aware of the learning curve and determined to climb it. I put in hours non-stop. I found a niche, I made trades, I build facebook ads, I learned spreads. The process looking back was comical and taxing, but I’m thankful for the journey. All of it culminated into me sitting in my apartment’s business center in late January ‘19 typing this after being denied unemployment benefits. So to recap, not only do I feel like a bum because I needed to call and get assistance, I was denied the assistance I was seeking so diligently. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t learn more about this early on. I could have given myself a better chance at trading had I not been shelling out $3k a month in rent from my trading account every month. Instead I found myself learning yet another lesson. Another chance to give my story not as a pity party, but more for others who are travelling a similar route to pick-up the knowledge. After all that, I realized and accepted that I’ve been juggling entirely too much for too long. It’s very difficult to build a business, it’s damn near impossible to juggle 2,3, or 4. At the time of writing this, Meditation Life is on pause. I went into Shopify and put a pause on it, stopped all my ads, and will rely on building my knowledge of what I did right and also what I’ve done wrong. I reached out to Freedym and had a great chat with Oscar, I believe we’ll be having a call soon to discuss Project Newsense and everything we could work on together. It’s safe to say we both left the exchange excited and I can’t wait to see what I learn next on the journey. As of now though, January 31st. It seems that I’m going to need to grab a corporate job in order to stay afloat and fund the next phase. I tried to do it on a shoestring budget, now it’s time to really invest in myself and dedicate my time to understanding at the core of several ideas surrounding running an online store. Wish me luck, I won’t need it though 😉

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