Using YouTube as a Lead Magnet


I remember when I first noticed and really had a grasp of the power of having a YouTube channel. Especially when you have tools like this. My first attempt was with Jumpcut. I was quickly overwhelmed and decided not to put the time and energy required into building a channel at that level. It wasn’t until recently that I actually decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment and create one.

I started with Forex Trading basics and decided that I would focus on a natural content creation strategy. I can’t emphasize this enough. This was the key that I believe truly changed the game for me. I’ve been able to create 200 videos for Newsense Trading now and I’m pretty excited about the fact that

But, if you’re an affiliate marketer beginner and you have 100 blog posts, you’re going to need to create video content. It’s bigger than preference, listen I’ve never had the correct set-up (microphone, camera, backdrop, editing, etc.). It seems the audience doesn’t care as much as we ever do, and the reality is our version of perfect before we put out our first wave of work is majorly flawed.

Want a better understanding of what I mean?

Go to Netflix and pull up your favorite TV Series. Watch the Season 1 Pilot episode if one is available. If not, watch the first episode and pay close attention to the quality. Is it something that you know the series for? Did it look like what it became?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say no.

YouTube is powerful because it gives fans a peek into who you are and track the progression easily. It’s unlike what you can easily pick-up from the written word. The level of attention you’re demanding is a bit more than we’re used to as consumers in this digital age.

As far as barriers to attention are concerned the order looks like this:

  1. Podcast
  2. Video
  3. Reading

That said, people say talk is cheap, but no one has ever said the written word is cheap.

This is something I’ve come to cherish and understand especially after releasing my first book and seeing the attention that was created. Video is so sharable and easily consumable, but the compelling piece seems to certainly be the fact that you recruit both the visual and auditory senses. Podcasts can seem to fall in the “a-dime-a-dozen” category. But video seems to be a little more thoughtful with the most meticulous and careful effort going towards that of publishing an actual book that your audience can hold.

Just a few things to think over.

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