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I’ve just finished another lesson in the Wealth Affiliate course and I’m convinced that my education at SEO Affiliate Domination is much better.

Although WA seems cheaper, it’s set-up as a slow bleed and also became a huge time waster for me on my journey.

The Biggest Takeaway

WA made some very important, yet very obvious points on creating authority through your blog post.

I’m not going to spoil it, but I will say that it is very much fundamental and great foundational knowledge.

Is it worth trying for a month. Sure.

Is it the best course of action for most hobbyist newbies. Sure.

Is it what I would recommend if you’re serious about learning a skill bigger than authority blogging. Hell No.

SEO Affiliate Domination really opened my eyes and showed me just how clever you can be in building an affiliate site, brand, and strategy. You’re going to learn transferable skills that extend far beyond writing well.

In taking this course after I already completed SEO AD in a weeks time, I’m realizing the real value of the course lies in the community and how they entice you to put in the work in order to proceed through the ranks. The desire to create a strong foundation should be at the front of everyone’s to-do list when getting started in just about any endeavor. But, the truth is there are very few self starter types that take “budget” courses like WA.

Clearing the Air

Indeed there is huge benefit to following a certain path when gaining a basic handle on the material. One of the things that stood out for me was how much information SEO AD gave for its price tage.

Essentially, when you purchase anything you want to receive a much larger value than the money invested. If you haven’t used WordPress before, like myself, you would fair well in taking this course to have an ultra structured opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of the platform.

Still, the inevitable lurks right around the corner, SEO Affiliate Domination FORCES YOU to learn how to maneuver through WordPress with skill and know-how. The cleaner and more professional you can make a blog, the better. I was playing with the big boys from out the gate. Everyone in the SEO AD community seemed smarter and more experienced than me. I had no where to go but up! As hard as it was at first, I knew that this was a win in the near-term. All I needed to do was ask and observe my way into effectiveness as a newbie Affiliate Marketer


Like anything, there’s levels to this game (I really wanted to say something else, shoutout to Meek Mill).

Indeed the approach I’m advocating again is one of compiling resources and continually learning (i.e. sharpening) your newfound skillset. I’m not sure if WA does it on purpose, but the culture is so much “This is how it’s done, we have everything you need” that it’s some assumed one-size-fits-all. If I have to admit to you that this approach is faulty, I’m afraid you may not quite be ready for what I’m going to tell you. It’s 2019 for Christ sake, there’s definitely more than one way to skin the affiliate marketing cat.


The guys over at WA definitely did what they DON’T teach extremely well. They built a brand, an undeniable value of a product, and they found an audience that will reinforce itself and drive more sales.

They did what most top affiliate marketers do, they built a course and they aimed it at a market that is underserved.

If you’re not a Mom blogger or just someone who absolutely loves writing. You can find better and more effective ways to build skills that will help you as an affiliate. Maybe do what I did so you can see a bigger game and be exposed to more angels out the gate.

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