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Although Wealthy Affiliate is one of the cheapest ways to get educated in Affiliate Marketing it is also extremely basic. The achilles heel of the program is it’s lack of truly actionable ways to gain traction intelligently. Oftentimes rudimentary, the lessons move at a snail’s pace. They offer guidance similar to wise elders, but move equally as lethargic. In some ways this could be good, conditioning it’s community to really commit to the long-term while essentially saying make better, more thorough content. For only $19 to start and $49 each month after, Wealthy Affiliate positions itself as the introductory program for hobbyists and side-hustle addicts.

They Missed A Couple Key Pieces

Video content isn’t spoken of early on. The assumption is that you are indeed up to the task of writing extensive posts perfectly nested with keywords, photos and the like. I enjoy a pretty seamless integration of my YouTube channel and blog. This was kind of a fun way to put together the blog and I’m pretty sure it’s helped me with ranking and interaction (engagement, bounce rate, page views, and a slew of other metrics I’m not fully aware of.)

Testing an assumption that if you just keep plugging away and ranking with consistent content you can sell within your chosen niche. The question never arises as to whether there is a better product for margin and volume that might be had with an intelligent tweak to your approach. SEO AD starts there and spotlights the space masterfully.

The Price is Right

Compared to the more expensive (SEO Affiliate Domination with is $497 or $297/month for 2 months) Wealthy Affiliate is obviously going to get a ton of takers for their super inexpensive start-up cost. It’s the clear winner in terms of getting started with little investment. To say that it’s the no brainer decision would be incorrect. I fully support and believe that learning the skill that SEO AD offers is worth saving up and taking advantage of ESPECIALLY if you are new to Affiliate Marketing. I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is great for explaining how to do the work necessary to build an Authority blog. You should definitely learn that, but to first understand the system and how to build within it you can really have a huge advantage. Running test when you are unsure, accepting that no promises exists. And then utilizing methods to shift the probabilities of earning a commission in your favor far before you sit to write an extensive Authority blog.

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