Wealthy Affiliate Might Be a Lot Better Than I Initially Thought


So I get to Level 3 today. The coveted “Earn Revenue” module. I’ve had my eye on it since the start and wondering why all the build-up. It was the 5th date by now, time for some action. They seemed to drag out content at a snail’s pace, showing me features I wasn’t interested in, and trying to encourage (read: force) me to join a community I didn’t want any part of.

Anyways, I get to it and within the first heading reads “To Sell, You First Must HELP!”

Damn. They hit it right on the head again.

I’ve written about this a couple times now, but my assumption that Wealthy Affiliate was winning mostly through inexpensive monthly payment and social media cheerleading was so far from the truth I could puke. They were preaching the gospel, I had been a hater and my own expectations for the content to teach bombardment or rudimentary tactics that won’t last was again uprooted.

To have longevity value has got to persist. There is a solid foundation available for just about every business, value is a huge determinant of sustainable success in what I’ve seen in the affiliate game thus far. In SEO Affiliate Domination I became privy to how search engines really work and how to get your content to rank quickly. It took some time for those lessons to carry over to offer me an outlook that could use certain tactics to identify and others to create. I can say that because I’m not bias to either course, only understanding that each has it’s pros and cons.

I see it as different classrooms teaching the same subject. If I can get an “A” in one class it’s assumed I’ll get an “A” in the other. This just isn’t the case, different teacher, different textbook, different angle; Both valuable.

Learn the subject, screw the teacher.

I’ll be taking many more courses and building my skillset, will you?

WA has the fundamentals locked. SEO AD is more for the technician that really wants to exploit different angles discussed in WA.

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